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Parent Action Group for Education (PAGE)

I have expressed my sentiment for PPSMI on various occasions via this blog (see: PPSMI 1). There are other blogs too that had expressed similar sentiments in favour of PPSMI. Tun Dr Mahathir launched on 2 July 2009, a voting poll @ chedet on PPSMI that was closed 1 week later on 9 July 2009 with 100,154 votes. 86% or 86,324 voted against the teaching of Mathematics and Science in Bahasa Malaysia.

Concern and dissapointed parents with the government policy reversal then formed PAGE or Parent Action Group for Education with the objective to provide a platform for parent's feedback on educational issue and enable its transmission to the government.

Visit the PAGE blog and participate actively to pursuade the government to reconsider the reversal or perhaps give parents an option to choose.

Although I am not one of the directly affected parent but I have half a dozen of nieces and nephews that will be affected. Nonetheless, I am also a concern citizen.

Congratulation and well done to PAGE for the effort and initiative.


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