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Blog, Facebook and UMNO Youth Exco... (Part i)


Jamawi Blog.

I've updated Wan Amizan, Tengku Azman, Suffiyan Awang Facebook account below (thanks for the feedback) please communicate if there are others that I have missed.. thanks

The UMNO Youth exco list for 2008-2011 (Ahli Jawatan Kuasa Pemuda UMNO) is available at UMNO YOUTH WEBSITE.

Stay connected with UMNO Youth Exco via Facebook or blog... or can you?

I am a keen follower of various pro & anti government blogs as well as other socio political, apolitical, special interest, business and entertainment blogs. Cyber space is a good avenue for a balance view of current issues as well as a platform to get updates on friends, associates or even the competitor's activities....

Facebook (or FB) is the most popular site to get connected with almost everybody worldwide and blogging is the cheapest form of communication.. or marketing.. or politicizing.. or influencing..... as oppose to physical attendance at various ceramah(s), coffee talk or political talks... Of course, those looking for 'angpaw' or 'kissing ass' will still have to attend individual event.

Except for a few, most of UMNO divisions and branches website are quite a bore. They simply cut & paste and echo almost everything that can be read from the main media (the newspapers) but some of the UMNO division and branches websites are very informative detailing all the activities of their divisions and branches.

In an effort to stay and be updated with our elected and appointed leader's busy schedules at the comfort of my home or office, I searched to add their blog on my blogroll and follow them either on Twitter or Facebook.... The most active Cabinet Ministers on cyber space are Dato Seri Ali Rustam (see: DAR FB), Raja Nong Chick (see: RNC FB, RNC Blog), Dato Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein (see: Hisham FB) and Dato Muhkriz Tun Mahathir (see: Mukhriz FB, Mukhriz Blog)... but how many of our UMNO Youth Exco are well connected with the cyber supporters either through Facebook or Blog...

After a brief 'googling' and walking through the cyber space, i found out...

Only 7 UMNO Youth Exco with both Facebook account & personal blog

1) Youth Chief (& Politic Committee Bureau) : Khairy Jamaluddin (see: KJ FB, KJ Blog). The chief is the master... very active on Facebook and on his blog.

2) Dep Chief (Management Committee) : Dato Razali Ibrahim (see: Razali FB, Razali Blog)

3) International/Peace Malaysia: Datuk Ahmad Zaki Zahid (see: Zaki FB, Zaki Blog)

4) Politic Education: Ali Mazat (see: Ali FB, Ali Blog)

5) New Media: Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz (See: Faisal FB, Faisal Blog)

6) Kelantan: Anuar Safian (see Anuar FB, Anuar BLOG)

7) PUTERA UMNO: Megat Zulkarnain Omardin (See: Megat FB, Megat Blog Megat's blog though available but is DORMANT)

8) Art & Culture: Jamawi jaafar (see: Jamawi FB, NO BLOG)

14 UMNO Youth Exco with Facebook account but without any personal Blog

9) Asst Secretary : Megat Firdouz Tan Sri Megat Junid (see: Firdouz FB, NO BLOG)

10) Asst Treasurer : Dato Rozabil Ab Rahman (see: Rozabil FB, NO BLOG)

11) Information: Dato Reezal Merican Naina Merican (see: Reezal FB, NO BLOG)

12) Art & Culture: Jamawi jaafar (see: Jamawi FB, NO BLOG)

13) Socio Ethic: Mohamad Iruan Zulkefli (see: Iruan FB, NO BLOG)

14) Debate & Resolutions: Lokman Noor Adam (see: Lokman FB, NO BLOG)

15) BN Youth & 1Malaysia: Mohd Faizal Ramli (appointed exco) (see Faizal FB, NO BLOG)

16) Rural Development: Datuk Wan Amizan Wan Abdul Razak (see: Amizan FB, NO BLOG)

17) Urban Development: Tengku Azman Tengku Zainal Abidin (see: Azman FB, NO BLOG)

18) NGO Liaison: Suffian Awang (see: Suffian FB, NO BLOG)

19) Pulau Pinang: Norman Zahalan (see: Norman FB, NO BLOG)

20) Wilayah Persekutuan: Rizalman Dato Mokhtar (see: Rizalman FB, NO BLOG)

21) Melaka: Karim Yaacob (see: Karim FB, NO BLOG)

22) Johor: Mohd Fadil Muskon (see: Fadil FB, NO BLOG)

2 UMNO Youth Exco with a personal blog but without any Facebook account

23) Sports: Datuk Ahmad Darus (see: NO FACEBOOK, Darus Blog)

24) Agriculture and Primary Industry: Zubir Zabidi ( NO FACEBOOK, Zubir Blog)

Ironically, 20 UMNO Youth Exco are without both Facebook or blog. Maybe these people are the conventional and traditional politician whom rather meet face to face and gather supporters at Kedai Kopi or organised functions but then.. how often and how many people can you meet?

The list of UMNO Youth EXCO that is neither on Facebook nor a blogger are:

25) Soohaimi Shahadan (Economic & entrepreneur Development) (NO FACEBOOK, NO BLOG)
26) Hishamuddin Yahaya (Membership & Selection) (NO FACEBOOK, NO BLOG)
27) Mohd Gasing Saling (Education) (NO FACEBOOK, NO BLOG)
28) Syahrin Jamaluddin (Higher Education) (NO FACEBOOK, NO BLOG)
29) Ustaz Mohd Afandi Yusof (Religious) (NO FACEBOOK, NO BLOG)
30) Datuk Mohamad Khairun Aseh (Community Complain) (NO FACEBOOK, NO BLOG)
31) Shafiqurrahman Shamsuddin (Young Profesionals) (NO FACEBOOK, NO BLOG)
32) Nazir Husin Akhtar Hussin (Young Worker) (NO FACEBOOK, NO BLOG)
33) Badrol Hisham Zaki (Government Liaison) (NO FACEBOOK, NO BLOG)
34) Mohd Anis Hisham Abd Aziz (Perang Saraf) (appointed exco) (NO FACEBOOK, NO BLOG)
35) Khairul Azwan Harun (Youth Academy) (appointed exco) (see: Khairul FB, NO BLOG)
36) Abdul Razak Abdul Rahman (Special function) (appointed exco) (NO FACEBOOK, NO BLOG)
37) Mohsin Mohd Yusoff (Perlis) (NO FACEBOOK, NO BLOG)
38) Badrol Hisham hashim (Kedah) (NO FACEBOOK, NO BLOG)
39) Maslin Sham Razman (Perak) (NO FACEBOOK, NO BLOG)
40) Suhaimi Mohd Ghazali (Selangor) (NO FACEBOOK, NO BLOG)
41) Mohd Helmy Din (Negeri Sembilan) (NO FACEBOOK, NO BLOG)
42) Abu Jimi Samat (Pahang) (NO FACEBOOK, NO BLOG)
43) Saiful Bahri Baharuddin (Terengganu) (NO FACEBOOK, NO BLOG)
44) Azman Ruslan (Sabah) (NO FACEBOOK, NO BLOG)

I am impressed with Melaka Chief Minister YAB Dato Seri Ali Rustam whom I would say.. the MOST ACTIVE on Facebook. Second place goes to YB Raja Nong Chick and Third, the Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin. I am abit dissappointed that the majority of the UMNO Youth EXCO that does not interact with the public on cyber space... especially when the Prime Minister YAB Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak are both a facebook'er and a blogger (see: PM FB, PM Blog).

The above are the list of UMNO Youth EXCO members on Facebook or Blogs. You can get connected with them on facebook but not with the 20 Youth exco that is none-existence on facebook. Stay tune for the list of the opposition PAS, PKR, DAP etc Youth Exco that is on Facebook or active on blogs.

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  1. Excellent comment and good job Armin on the statistic figures of your research on the no of blogs and facebook in the Umno youth organizations. Amri Ahmad (UNITAR FHTM Lecturer)

  2. wooo armin...
    how long did you spend to compile all the information. Good piece of work. Pemuda should have all this index.. but i had browsed their website with no reference to cyber interactive details.

    if you have time.. please do the same for our Cabinet minister. i am sure the public will be pleased to interact online directly with them akin of Raja Nong Chik.

    well done armin


  3. Salam Amri, Shafit,

    Thanks. i have just posted the list of our cabinet minister on facebook and those that owns a blog.

    but what i am more keen to know is the comparison between our politician and the opposition 'activeness' on cyber (facebook or blog)...

    still researching... i dont have a clue who the opposition exco members are... so it may take awhile.

    stay tune..


  4. Sdr Armin,

    Just for your info, Sdr Nazir Husin (Young Worker Exco)actually have his own blog and facebook also. See at and please join the 'Sekretariat Pekerja Muda - Pergerakan Pemuda Umno Malaysia' Facebook. Im actually a follower his blog and facebook also. Thanks.

  5. Salam,

    Thank you for the update on Sdr Nazir Husin.

    I search and found the 'pergerakan Pemuda Umno Malaysia Facebook founded by Sdr Nazir Hussin and search the fan page 549 fas but i could not find Sdr Nazir Hussin personal facebook.

    i had also browse the excopekerjamuda.blogspot but could not find Sdr Nazir personal blog.

    The purpose of the personal blog is for us... and the public to learn more of our leaders personal view, stand as well as personality (via his personal facebook and blog)

    Please advice the link to his facebook and blog. this page will be updated regularly.

    thank you for the feedback.

  6. Since when is facebook a prequisite??? Am a bit perplexed with your assumption.

    Blogs are even assuption:
    1. they are writing it themselves
    2. they aren't writing under alias names?
    3. What is the point of it??


    p.s. some do have facebook, just you haven't found it yet.


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