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 OKAY.. OK... Its Chinese New Year and not Japanese New Year but hey... its all about food!! My department.... Eating!!

Who in the right state of mind would resist an invitation to eat Japanese on Chinese New Year.. Not me, I cant resist.. and definitely not Aaraf Armin & Nawal Aini Zulkifli. We arrived at the Kin Shui Tei, Japanese Restaurant at the Tropicana Golf & Country Club with nothing in the stomach, specially reserved for the JUMBO SPIDER ROLL!!! Me favourite.

What makes it more irresistible, was the couple whom invited us, Yuen Choong Lai and LC Tan. The most jovial couple we've met. They are humorous and kind. Yuen Choong Lai co-owned the Japanese restaurant Kin Shui Tei. 

Yuen Choong Lai, or more fondly known as the jovial 'Daddy' by the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama community is the PRESIDENT for HADRONS CAPITAL SDN BHD (355319-W), a fund manager, private equity and venture capital management.

It was raining when we arrived, which is abit 'ong' as there are more food left when many others were stuck in heavy traffic. I quickly went through the tables of food and yesss.. my favourite meal was happily smiling impatiently waiting for my arrival. I also saw LC Tan signature dish which is amongst my favourite too, the 'Buttered Prawn'. LC Tan or more fondly known as 'mummy' by the COBC recruits, the beloved wife of Yuen Choong Lai cook the best BUTTERED PRAWN in town.. maybe in the world. Although the price of Prawn had increased on CNY from RM60.00 per kg to RM90.00 per kg, it did not stop LC Tan from cooking 5kg of buttered prawn for the CNY open house..... of course I did not eat the whole 5kg!!

Needless to say, after galloping two huge plate-full of food, I realize there are other guests in the room. Most of them are parents of Garden International School children. Yuen & LC Tan has been attending guests all day since 12pm and we were the last batch.

LC Tan attending to her guests.

Yuen Choong Lai, the Host.

The Gentlemen looking at the camera was a military school graduate from India, Chandrakant. Chandrakant whom is in Malaysia as an expatriate is attached to SHELL. He was recently transferred to Shell, Nigeria and will be leaving on 14 February 2011.

We wish him the best on his new posting and hope we could still be in touch. See ya on Facebook.

While we were happily chatting and keeping abreast with on-goings, we were introduced to the Master-Chef.

Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Ikuo Tanabe, Yuen Choong Lai, Chandrakant

I had to compliment the Master-Chef, Ikuo Tanabe. I have frequented the Kin Shui Tei a few times and the consistency in the quality and taste in the food was exemplary.

Ikuo Tanabe, Executive Master Chef Mr Tanabe came to Malaysia 37 years ago in 1974 to work as the Head of Chef at the Equatorial Hotel. He was entrusted with probably the first establishment of a Japanese fine dining restaurant in the country, Daikoku or now known as Kampachi. Over the last 37 years, Mr Tanabe had trained and imparted skills in culinary art to many local chefs who now helm scores of popular japanese restaurant in Klang Valley.

We left the restaurant with a full stomach....

LC Tan & Yuen Choong Lai, Thank you for the kind and best hospitality.


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