LUSH ICON: Because every individual is an icon in the making...

It all began when two shopoholic sisters had a cup of coffee, tired of general apathetic service and sterile environments of local retail outlets, decided  to take matters into their own hands.... The two sisters did whatever it takes and gave birth to the Lush Icon, an innovative fashion boutique that only display and retail only personally hand-picked couture.

One of the two sisters is non other than our fellow bootcamper at Bandar Utama, Pooi Ching Khiew.

In fact, Pooi Ching Khiew is our pioneer member at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) MALAYSIA. Recruits at the COBC ranges from Accountants, lawyers, fashion designers and boutique owner to athlete and celebrities. The sweet petite and stylo mother of two is also a good chef and when forty of us from the COBC @ Bandar Utama participated in the recent 8 week challenge, she frequently cook from the Gladiator Diet recipe (for the 8 week challenger) for most recruits in Bravo platoon (Grrr.. I am in Alpha platoon).

Pooi Ching Khiew is not just a fashion addict, an unrepentant shopoholic but is also a BOOTCAMPoholic!!! Graduated in Fashion Marketing, Pooi Ching Khiew's real strength is in her ability to distinguish what makes fashion sense, and what can lead to fashion suicide. Becoming a mother has not affected her ability to look fabulous; if anything, it has helped mold her individualistic, understated style.

The lustful Lush Icon is located at the Bangsar Village 2. It carries 11 labels that are exclusive for the boutique. The labels are 
Maya & Ruhi, Miss Budd, Vita Fede, Baylene, Rhapzody, Olga Berg, Minkpink, Jordi Labanda, Heels, White Kitten and Hansel.

The cheerful boutique owner invited the TRAFFFF (The Running Apostle For Fun, Food & Friendship) whom comprised of the 'virgin & almost Virgin runners and the running recruits of the COBC to the boutique. TRAFFFF's Founding Chairman lawyer Lilian Lee and a few bootcampers took up the invitation and paid LUSH ICON a visit.

Although it is a boutique for the ladies, but it did not stop Sarge Dan
to try out a few dresses

Nawal Aini Zulkifli & Rose Emini Pahamin 

The TRAFFFF's Chairman lawyer Lilian Lee

This boutique outlet is not much of a retail outlet but a comfortable space for fashion-seekers and casual shoppers to linger whilst satisfying their demand for unique styles. The boutique is infused with a warm, accommodating atmosphere that provides a more personalized, less stressful retail experience. It emphasize on quality service and relationship building that the founders’ ultimate aim is to turn those who venture into Lush Icon from merely customers, to close friends.

Being a strong advocacy in entrepreneurship, we should support our local businesses especially friends-in-business. For more information, browse www., visit the boutiqe at Bangsar Village 2 or call the co-founder, the sister to Pooi Ching Khiew, Rachel Khiew at 03-22829619 or 012-3219790.

There is a strong rumors that the two sisters had expanded their boutique to the Empire Mall under a new boutique concept..... 

Let me check it out... until then Stay tune..... *Wink