The best way to go sight seeing and to see the world is by foot Forest Gump used to say and ran on foot across the globe in the movie the Forest Gump. That was exactly what I did in Phnom Pehn!!! I went sight seeing cum exercise by running across the Phnom Pehn town and along the Mekong River!

After a few trips up to Phnom Pehn for endless meetings after meeting and with a complete absentee in workout & exercises, I was adamant to do two things on this trip to Phnom Pehn (beside the work schedule). No 1, I want to tour Phnom Pehn, the once known as the pearl of Asia and was considered as the loveliest French built cities in indochina. Phnom Pehn was founded in 1434 and was noted for its beautiful and historical architecture and attractions. There are a number of surviving French colonial buildings, such as the Royal Palace, Phsah Thmei, and other French style buildings along the grand boulevards.

No 2. I do not want to break my exercise routine!! Especially when had to missed a few training session at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) at Bandar Utama & USJ1.

The sun was up earlier than me. It was all sunny at 6am. After changing into my COBC tee (early introduction to COBC in Phnom Pehn aiih), I started my morning run-tour and ran passing the Australian Embassy towards the Independent Monument.

The traffic was not as bad but it was very dusty. There were alot of parks in Phnom Pehn and the park was maintained by 'warga emas' golden ladies (old women). I felt pity looking at how the women cut the grass with parang (knife)!!

 I jog slowly along the road and saw a group of people shooting movie or drama at the park.

I continued the jogging at the park and passed the King's Palace which is open to the public for viewing..

There were alot of parks in Phnom Pehn town..

I ran along the King's Palace.

After passing the King's Palace, I ran towards the Mekong River and ran by the river. While running, there were a group of foreigners on bicycle cycling probably touring the town on bicycle.

While running along the Mekong River, I saw a familiar shop!!!!!! Hah......!!!


After getting bored running along the Mekong River all the way to the bridge, I made a turn into town and passed by alot of beautiful buildings and scenery....

 The Riverside restaurant where we frequently have our Blackberry Steak.. 
Eh.. Blackpepper Steak.


I saw the Golden Screen Cinema... Err I mean Cinema at Phnom Pehn!! now showing HANTU/ghost movie!! 

 There's at least 2 Kentucky Fried Chicken!!!

There are a few sky crapers!! I think are 2 skycrapers in Phnom Pehn.

I jogged to the mosque too where we performed our friday prayers. The mosque was poorly maintained and housed a few hundred muslims during friday prayer. When we received our first disbursement, I want to beautify and maintain the mosque in Phnom Pehn.

After running to most of the town touring every street in the city, I jog back to the hotel and passed by the Nagaworld.. one of the modern building in Phnom Pehn.
The view while tour-running was stupendous. If only I had the extra energy to camwhore more.......
But the best view that I saw in Phnom Pehn was this......
7/11 err... Seven Eleven stores, Malaysia oldest chain of mini market.......
Eh.. actually its 7 ELEPHANT store!!

Seven Elephant.... it was hilarious!! I laughed hysterically all the way back to hotel and did the INFERNO workout!!!!

I have not missed any days without any training during this trip to Phnom Pehn and had toured the city running different route everyday! Beside the meeting and appointment that is still on-going, the mission to tour and exercise in Phnom Pehn was fully achieved!! HOOOYAH!!

While I train and eat, train and eat.... this Bong Touad (khmer language)... eat and train like this...

Bong Touad means FAT BROTHER!!!! aiiiks..