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If there is one impressive service by security guard that is worth being lauded, it must be the guards that was employed by the resident at BU6. This was the my first encounter with foreign guards (i think its bangla?) that memorize the street name of the residential parameter of their protected jurisdiction. The security guard directed me to go straight, take second turn left, then turn right yada yada and the house is on the first lot thereafter (of course I wont blog the actual location du'uh). Usually, other security guard would just smile and wave at whichever car that passesby and would gave that 'wtf I dont know/understand look' when asked for direction or any inquiry.

I was the first guest to arrived.  We were welcome by a handsome youngman Jared and the prettiest Alison. The two pair of teenager. Yaa... trust me with free food aih but actually that was the only house that we were invited on that day but even if there were a few, the first priority would definitely be given to the twice voted Spirit of Bootcamp (SOB) and most inspiring recruit at the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Malaysia (COBC) at Bandar Utama. John Chuah was the June 2010 & July 2010 SOB. He was so popular that his leg was featured in Channel 9, Prime time news at here (*witty grin...only those from COBC would understand). The 6 footer, senior management at CIMB Bank, a father of two wonderful teenager too was also the pioneer member at the COBC Bandar Utama whom had even attended the COBC in Coogee Beach, Sydney trained by the founder of the COBC himself Chief Brabon. Popularly known as 'Uncle' by those at COBC @ Bandar Utama, John Chuah is the uncle'est of us all not because of his age but because of his.. err...... Mm... okay ok.. censored before I am struck out from his annual Chinese New Year open house invitation.

After meeting his lovely wife Foong Meng, the mystery of why Uncle John Chuah never brought his wife to train at the COBC was unveiled. If Foong Meng attended the COBC, there is no way Uncle John Chuah can skip any session, so she is best kept at home... ok nonsense. Foong Meng is so systematic and organized that her house was so well-kept and maintained, if she were to join the COBC, John Chuah would be in trouble (evil grin).

When John Chuah first came to COBC @ Bandar Utama last year, he met his wife's cousin... the Nov-2010 SOB James Fong. Yup.. although they are both related but they only realize they both share the same passion when they bump into each other at the COBC. COBC does not just foster closer ties between relatives but also foster a better relationship between once a stranger into a closer community. Foong Meng was also a long lost school mate with recruit Joanitta Zaleha Yusoff. Other recruits too does share the same circle of childhood friends with other recruits... what a small world.

Foong Meng invited and welcome us all to the privacy of their home to celebrate the year of the Rabbit. Shortly after our arrival, the house was infiltrated one by one and almost all COBC pioneer members and recruits at BU-Alpha were there.

While we were all busy eating, Foong Meng never stopped being a good host by continuously refilling food and beverages but of course, the refilling part was not because I kept finishing the food (even though eating is my department).

Foong Meng at the background, never stop refueling food 
because the other host errr.......

I was not the only one that over-indulge with 3 sets of food-tabata or main meal, desserts, drink and rest then repeat into second set etc) but Ilyanna Aylin Ayob, Suriana Saiful Yazan, Ody Nurfuadi Ruzalli, SHEAR LING TOH (whom thought that I did not see her 2nd and 3rd servings) too had a few food TABATAs and no one was stalling when eating.


Makan.. makan........

Makan.. Makan... Makan.......

MAKAN MAKAN MAKAN..... This is all mine.. <-noor said

makan makan makan makan.............

Amy Ho: Yay...... MAKAN!!!

hehehe.. yessss.. MAKAN MAKAN....

 DR Malek.. Oh my god........ makan makan!!

Ooh makan lagi....

Everybody queue without hesitant... the food was good!!! Pandai John Chuah masak!

While some people prefer to eat, some prefer to play with Max the Dog..

Gong Xi Fa Cai.. is all about being in 'red'.. prosper?

and some prefer to buka Ang Paw..?

Sarge Dann Angpaw was in a red 'guni'?

The entertainment prepared was the game Charade!!! The platoon was divided into two sections. One group located closer to the food station was called team FOOD and the other group in the luxury of the sofa was named team SOFA. I was coincidentally (or was it?) in team FOOD with Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Daing Daniel Fitri, Ody Nurfuadi Ruzalli, Rose Emini Pahamin, Suriana Saiful Yazan, Ryan Wong, Ilyanna Aylin Ayob, Shear Ling Toh and Farhanah Bamadhaj in team Food.

Team SOFA comprised of the HOST, FOONG MENG, Chartered Accountant Double-SOB James Fong, Mek Yam Chan SiuCheh, Lawyer buruk Lilian Lee, DOCTOR Malek Aziz, Rienna Choo, BSN Senior Vice President Joanitta Zaleha Yusoff, Noor, Acapella Afiza Abdul Halin yada yada yada......

The game of charade requires us all to be bisu!.. i mean BISU!!! as in MUTE... Being Bisu, we need to use the body language to give hint for the opponent to guess a movie title (or any title as chosen). Being bisu was really frustrating.. but I do not know if being bisu was frustrating or being stupid and cant make sense (of what is being described by the body language) was worst.

So one by one.... everybody took turn being bisu...

It was a tough fight especially when the opposition comprised of Chartered Accountant... lawyer... Doctor....... we thought we were not going to win.. and we even try so hard not to win in the spirit of the Rabbit but in the end.... team FOOD wins!!!!! Seriously.... we won!!! I mean.. .... They lose as in... team SOFA lost.

and someone was sad.........

and someone was happy........


Good thing must come to an end... after too many rounds of food, after winning the game, after being tired of camwhoring.... we all left John Chuah to do the cleaning.

It was great to spend a lovely moment with the bootcampers at SOB John Chuah's house.. I am sure Foong Meng has done this open house thingy so many times before. She, John Chuah, Jared & Alison was a funtabulous host.

John Chuah & Foong Meng,
Thank you for the lovely time & happy new year..

Next year, dont forget to invite us again yaaa.. :-D
Now that we know where you stay John Chuah.... We know where to find you especially on your FFK-day......


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