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The first February Bootcamp session falls on 31 January 2010 on Monday and the second Bootcamp session was on 2 February 2010 on Wednesday, the Chinese New Year!!! How does Bootcampers spend their Gong Xi Fa Chai? yes.. at the bootcamp! That is how passionate the instructors and recruits at the Bootcamp is. Health, fitness and physique knows no holiday, rain, hail or shine.

Although the majority are out Yam Seng'ing or indulging in sinful food or lying down by the beach holidaying, Sarge Dann, Corporal Chun and Corporal Nawal enthusiastically woke up as early as 4am eager to prepare the training circuit for yet another sweat pouring, heart bursting session. This is important to ensure recruits are well-prepared for the expected mega intake of food & calories in an endless number of Chinese New Year open-houses. Its these enthusiasm in the instructors too that drives and motivates us when the 'mojo' is gone.

A big hug to all instructors for the drive and the tireless effort to even train us on public holiday foregoing the luxury of being under the duvet, cuddling with the spouse (or boy/girlfriend or teddy bear or dog or whowever) and waking up late. Especially to the tall, Korean-look Corporal Chun whom is filled with mega-energy when it comes to exercise and training... as always.

Without any remorse and sighs, the three instructors.. began torturing us!!! Err.. I mean others, not me. I was away in Phnom Pehn and was only back on the first day of the CNY. I was back at the Bootcamp on Friday, 4 February for the 3rd February Bootcamp session. Having missed a week of training, torture was an understatement but was much expected. This reminded me again and again why almost two years ago, a bunch of us recruits started the ACE-pact. It was purely to avoid breaking our training momentum. Missing just one session will already handicap the stamina and missing three sessions or one week.... would drastically affect the already tuned-up fitness & physique.

We had three stations on friday, the third February session. The Delta, Seal and Rangers were separated and started with different stations. The Delta went with Sarge Dann for the TRX-Grinders!!! The Seal with Corporal Nawal and Rangers with Corporal Chun. Recruits at all rank will only spend 15 minutes at each section before rotating to the next station.  The Delta performs 20 repetitions for each workout while the Seal did 16 reps and 12 repetitions for rangers.

The TRX-Grinders comprised of three workout sets that was repeated non-stop for a total period of 15 minutes. There are 2 workouts on TRX and 1 stationary cardio for each workout sets designed to target the upper back body namely Deltoids, Back and shoulder. The first was 20 repetitions of T-movement on TRX, then 10 repetitions of Y's ROW and 20 reps of Military Star Jumps.

We had the 10 repetition of the Y-movement on TRX, then 20 reps of TRX Bicep Curl and 20 reps of Seal Jack for the stationary exercise.  The last sets was 10 repetition of I-movement on TRX, 20 repetitions of TRX Low-Row and a cross country stationary cardio. Then the whole circuit was repeated.

When we were done with Sarge Dann, we went to Corporal Chun at the next station for a workout with rifle specifically targeting the chest and upper body. With Corporal Chun, the Delta performed 20 reps for all the workout whilst Seal did 8 and Rangers had 6 reps for each workout. We did endless Hindu Pushups, Diamonds pushups, Shoulder Front Raise, Standing Chest Press, Military Pushups, Overhead Press, Reverse Bear Crawl, Bear-Crawl and Monkey Run. The whole circuit was repeated for at least 15 minutes before we were rushed to Corporal Nawal for the last circuit with Sandbag.

We had the Lower Body workout with Corporal Nawal (Oh Gawd!). The Delta did the same 20 reps, the Seal performed 8 reps and Rangers did 6 repetitions. Corporal Nawal had us on Overhead Deep Squat with Sandbag, Sandbag Woodchops, Thrusters, Overhead Stand Ups, Grunts, Getups, Long Jumps to line, Sprinter Skips and Sprints.

It was a breathtaking workout.... the arms, back and leg was numb but the strenuous was much needed having missed one week of training, ate too much durians and have alot of CNY open houses to attend.

To all Malaysia and readers worldwide, GONG XI FA CAI & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Its the year of the Rabbit? meaning.. playboy year? or maybe we should change our diet and add Rabbits as part of our new year resolution diet? but then cooking is not my department, will suggest this to the Chef.

The first Bootcamper house to attack will be Pooi Ching Khiew, the lady-boutique boss!!! then a few houses to gate-crash especially James Fong & Chan Meng Yam.. John Chuah, Freda Liu, Y'ng Yng Tan, Shear Ling Toh, Joe Liew.. waaa.. so many houses to Gate-Crash!!! So much free-food.

Until then... Stay Tune.........



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