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I first saw the new Bank Notes on Facebook and had the first touch of it a few weeks back. Bearing the theme 'Distinctively Malaysia', the new bank notes were impressive and beautifully designed incorporating Malaysia culture and heritage. The transition to the new notes does attract some inconveniences to the public when various parking machines do not recognize both the new bank notes and coins.

At the Tropics, Perdana Shopping Centre, Damansara Perdana, the parking management company that manages the parking at the Mall, did not calibrate their parking machine yet but their machine also do not give out any change and this has been on going for many months if not years.

Godell parking management simply left a hand written notes that reads: "Use exact Notes and Coins only as no change will be given". Is this acceptable?

There is also no alternative form of payment, because if you were to visit their office that was located on the same B1 car park, their officers also do not keep any spare change. Although Bank Negara had given 6 months notice at HERE for all financial institutions, shopping complexes, public transportation companies, telecommunication companies, parking operators, payment kiosk owners and ticketing and vending machines operators a 6-months notice to  expedite their machine calibration/modification exercise (to accept the new Malaysian banknotes series) to avoid any inconvenience of the public but there were effort done.

People who work and stay at Damansara Perdana are already burdened with insufficient parking space and the strict towing for illegal parking by the local municipal council but to be burdened with the only paid covered car park (in the area) that does not accept the new Bank notes & coins as well as does not give out any change for the amount paid is pushing the luck abit.

The transition to accept the new bank notes and coins should have been better managed and a random inspection should also be done to make sure the public is not being burdened and/or victimised.


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