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The month of Ramadhan is nearing the end and COBC will be on a 2 weeks break for an in-house training cum refresher and for us to attend the Global Bootcamp convention in Australia before commencing again for September intake on 3 September (or 4th, depending on location). Yes, at COBC, training and re-training is very important to ensure the best of our deliverables. How else can we become the best and the oldest in the industry. Usually, we will come back with more toys and improved technique for you to play and climax!

On behalf of all COBC, Malaysia community, we wish Gunny Brabon the co-Founder of Original Bootcamp Australia the best on her Birthday today. Gunny Brabon is Australia OBC Managing Director and is the first and oldest female military-inspired bootcamp instructor and global master trainer. Among an endless list of tasks, the iron lady is in charge of all group marketing, promotion, sponsorships and our online system management but her look can deceive her experience and credentials. That is a default outcome of Gunny's lifetime training at the bootcamp- She grew younger on her every birthday (just like me us heh..)! Today too is Corporal Suresh and Corporal Ridz's first day at their new workplace which we are also very excited and wish them well. They have been with COBC for a year and we are very proud of their career advancement. COBC's door is always open for them both whenever they are available. If you think you miss them, trust me, they miss you even more. Such is the camaraderie built between and amongst the instructors and recruit. COBC is all about our recruits, instructors and an established result-guarantee program.  

Registration for September is now open with the following schedule. Unfortunately, Shah Alam battalion is still not open for September but we are undergoing some major planning to cater for our loyalist in that region. We regretted all inconveniences.

(Click on picture to enlarge)
September session began on 
3rd and 4th September 2012 (depending on location)

For September, please register early to get the Early Bird discount at RM249 instead of RM299 for MC12 program and RM149 instead of RM199 for MC8 program. All MC12 program cum with an unlimited buffet.. meaning, you can attend as many sessions at any of our 40 platoons in Klang Valley and Penang but this is the privilege extended only for MC12. MC8 program is strictly on a fix 8 sessions a month basis which means if you miss any session, you cannot replace the session and are not able to attend any sessions at any other platoons.

Please note we will not be able to extend the Early Bird discount payment after the deadline which is on 18 August 2012. To qualify for the early bird discount, you need to register at HERE and make payment by either online transfer (if you own a CIMB account) or direct bank-in (for non-CIMB) to COBC CIMB account: 1258-000-261-5059. We will open up a Maybank Account for ease of payment.

Our auditor has also advised us to restrict online transfer payment only for CIMB to CIMB account only and MAYBANK to only MAYBANK. All non-CIMB & non-MAYBANK payment is made via direct bank-in (to either CIMB or MAYBANK) for at least until our new system is ready. Currently we are facing alot of difficulty with tracing payment from non-CIMB online transfer. We regretted any inconvenience but with effect for September intake, we would be grateful if all all online transfer payment is restricted for CIMB to CIMB and MAYBANK to MAYBANK only as a trial period for September intake until we find a better solution.

Yes, we hear ya.. we have commissioned a new developer to customised a new system given our expansion and major increase in registration. Please bear with us during this period.

For the prestige 100% Attendance, Commitment and Effort certificate (ACE!!), to maintain its prestige, the ACE council has decided on the following new rules of engagement with effect from September-intake onwards. This new ruling is in line with its title Attendance, Commitment and Effort as follows:

COBC program was designed to slowly build-up our stamina to avoid injury. It is important that we are well rested in between workout so we can perform and give our best effort during training. The commitment and discipline is a lifestyle and we want you to give your 110% effort during training for you to gain the best result from the program. As such, we encourage and recommend for all recruits to attend their session at their registered platoon and rest in between session rather than missing their session and replacing it at another platoon without any day rest in between. Study has shown that our health and performance is highly dependant on sufficient rest (especially sleep), healthy nutrition intake and as well as a good workout program.

For that, with effect from September-intake, COBC will only award the ACE certificate to those that is committed to their fix 12 sessions a month. The discipline and commitment under whatever circumstances, to consistently attend all the fix-scheduled sessions is a recognition worthy of the ACE. We know it is not easy.

But we understand that we are all very kiasu being one ourselves and would still extend the buffet to those that is super kiasu but this is at your own risk. Many recruit has burn out and injured themselves when they did too many sessions.

Speaking of Kiasu... among the many, there is one recruit whom had ACE'd for 12 consecutive months and that is none other than former (many times) voted SOBs and 8 Weeks Challenge finalist ....... to be named soon... Stay Tuned!!

Last but not least.... To keep our spirit high and our motivation to continue burning, I have been talking to a few inspiring recruit and is very impatient to write about them... Until then..... err Stay tuned!!!


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