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First and foremost, we apologized for the late reply and non-replies of emails. COBC is a small owner-operated business that is run on the passion and enthusiasm of a team who believes and trust in nothing else but in result and customer satisfaction.

Put your hand up if you have any questions..

Ok okay.... We hear ya..

So, here are some of answers to some of the questions on 8 Weeks Challenge and COBC sessions that was emailed to us.

1) Can I still register and participate in the 8 Week Challenge? 

Yes you can!! but you MUST register and pay before Wednesday, 5 September!

2) Do I need to pay for October as well?

Yes you need to pay for both September and October ONLY IF YOU ARE PARTICIPATING in the Challenge. Otherwise, you can pay monthly and wait for October Early Bird Promotion.

3) Is there an early bird for October?

Yes there is but it will ONLY be launched on 3rd week of September. For 8 Weeks Challengers, the Early Bird for October does not apply.

4) I have made payment, but COBC admins have not acknowledge or noted my payment. Can you please acknowledge my payment?

Our apology for the late-reply or non-acknowledgement of payment. An official receipt will be issued within 2 weeks after the payment has been made. If you did not receive a receipt or wants the receipt expedited, please write in to: (notice it is without 's').

5) I am a student. Can I pay student rate to participate in the 8 Weeks Challenge?

Unfortunately no. The student rate is our permanent promotion for COBC MC 12 fees at only RM99 per month but the 8WC is a promotion, commitment and investment in itself. It is an annual challenge thrown by Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon, our fitness Guru at HQ in Australia.

6) Do we have the BSC supplements as recommended by Chief?

We have an equivalent supplements to Chief's recommended BSC supplements. Unfortunately, Malaysia has a very strict policies and approval for licensing of supplements in Malaysia and BSC have not penetrated our region just yet. We will make known the supplements once Chief has given the green light.

7) If I miss any session can I have them replaced?

Not for MC8 recruits but if you are registered under MC12, then Yes you can, but you will need to SMS to 012 314 5665 or 017 3795988. Please do not call, as our Admin is always on the line attending to query.. With more than 500 registered recruits and endless inquiries, they may not be able to answer all calls. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience but you MUST inform because if you dont, then we may not prepare enough equipments for your benefits.

8) I wrongly registered for my sessions/locations/time? what do I do?

No problem, please re-register at your correct location/time BUT please write in to to cancel the incorrect location.

9) I have registered for the 8 Week Challenge but did not receive any email that contains the two (2) links to register and download the inferno diet!! SOS.. Please help.

If you paid for the 8WC fees, then the system would have automatically sent you the links. It may have been sent through to your Junkmail, or been blocked by a firewall if they were at work. Please email Gunny with your name and the day that they paid at

10) I have paid to train at COBC, can you confirm and verify my registration?

All registration is confirm once you have receive a system generated welcoming email. If you did not receive the email, please check your spam-inbox. If you still did not receive the welcoming email, then your registration is not yet completed. Please register again.

11) I hear the 8 WC is charged at RM299 ?

No. The 8 weeks challenge is charge and paid direct to OBC-HQ at AUD$ 29.90 (Australian Dollar Twenty Nine and sen Ninety only) but you will need to register and pay for both MC12 September and MC12 Octoner BEFORE OR ON 5 September.

12) I have Groupon voucher (for redemption in July and August) that I have not used because I overlook the expiry date (or because I was travelling or because I was not well or for any reason), can I redeemed them for OCtober?

Unfortunately, as stated in the terms and condition in the Groupon voucher, the redemption must be made by the deadline given. If you missed it, then you missed it. However, for those that had written in and inform us of a medical condition/injury that we had replied and given the approval for extensiom, then they can redeemed in October.

13) I have made payment for this month's session, but due to some reason, I cannot attend and would like to carry forward to the following month. Can I do that?

Yes you can but you will need to write in to:

14) Can I pay by cash on the first day of session?

Unfortunately no. We want to avoid any administrative matter before and while training. All payment MUST BE MADE before or on the last Friday before the 1st session (before 5pm).

15) Can I do an online transfer from any other bank beside Maybank or CIMB? 

Unfortunately NO. We can only accept online banking transfer from either CIMB to CIMB or Maybank to Maybank due to audit trail. Otherwise, please either pay via direct bank-in to CIMB account number 1258 000 261 5059 or MAYBANK 5127 6360 1954. Both account name is ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP

16) I have an injury (whatever injury). Can I do bootcamp?

It is best for you to get your doctor's clearance. Safety must always be the priority.

17) I have injury and the doctor advice me to stay off bootcamp but I still want to do bootcamp. Can I join?

Yes you can although we encourage you to listen to your doctor. If you feel you still want to join, then you must indemnify COBC of any consequences resulting from your injury.

18) I am (30 years old, 40 years old, 50 years old) and have never exercise before, can I join the bootcamp?

Yes you can. We have ranking for beginners too.

19) I am overweight, obese and had never exercise. Can I do bootcamp?

Yes you can.

20) What is the different between COBC and any other bootcamp? What make COBC special and different?

Unlike any other bootcamp whom designed their own program, COBC program has been in the market for already 21 years. We do not design the program but merely deliver the already proven program. The program is designed by former infantry soldier Chief Brabon and current serving Australia military forces customized for civilian with proven track record.

21) Can I have the map for the training session?

All maps are available at HERE ->!locations/cts9

22) Where can I find the latest schedule?

All our latest schedule is updated at HERE ->!classes/c1yws

23) Is there a group booking?

Yes, we do provide a group booking with a special price for a group of more than 20. For further details, please write to

24) I am doing bootcamp, how many times do I need to do the inferno workout?

It all depends on how much you want to gain or lose? You can do the inferno on off-bootcamp days or twice aday in the evening (if bootcamp days in the morning) and morning & evening on non-bootcamp days.

In one of the non-bootcamp days, you can also do LSD running, swimming or cycling.

25) We are doing marathons, is there a special diet for 8 week challenge carbo loading diet?

Yes there is. Chief will upload them on the 8WC website accessible only to 8 WC participants. Chief will be blogging on the 8WC site soon on what Hard Gainers should be doing. Unless a Recruit currently has a full six-pack then everyone should all be starting with the standard INFERNO diet.

For now all should be following ignition – we all need to get the fat burning first!

26) Where do we get the latest update on 8WC or COBC?

Stay tuned to :
a) This blog -
b) Our website -
c) Facebook page at -
d) Facebook group at -

27) How do I measure the body fat percentage to upload as part of the measurement for 8WC? is it compulsory?

If you do not have access to fat percentage scale, then you do not need to upload the fat percentage. It is an option and not compulsory. Yes, noted currently it is a compulsory default. It is being changed as I write this blog. For now, just type 1 to fill in the blank.

28) When will the 2011 8WC winners get their prizes.

Chief said, he too is waiting for the New Balance Malaysia to confirm. Chief had written to them again this morning explaining the urgency.

29) I have paid for September during the Early Bird promotion!! Since 8 WC is a promotion by itself, do I need to top-up for September?

NO. You do not need to top-up. Early bird promotion period for September was before we launch the 8WC and those who had paid the 8WC before the deadline, are entitled for the Early Bird fee for 8WC.

30) How about 3M package? I understand the 3M package is launch at every quarter? How can the 8WC recruit benefit from the 3M package?

The 8WC is a stand alone promotion on its own and is not valid with any other promotion.

31) Do we need to attend ALL 12 sessions at our registered platoon to ACE? 

Yes, to get the ACE certificate, we need to attend all the 12 sessions at your registered locations.

# If you have any other question, please feel free to drop me an email at

For other FAQ, click here ->!faq---8-week-challenge/cxua