Sarge (COBC) Tom
Yes!! We finally got it!!! Although we are not able to get the BSC products used and recommended by Australia due to Malaysia strict and lengthy licensing requirement but we sourced and found an alternative which has an equivalent or if not better content that cost the same (some are more expensive than BSC) but we managed to negotiate for a cheaper bulk prices.... especially for you. 

No!! We do not profiteer from this (not even for petrol fee) because we simply wants to make it cheaper and easier for you to get the result to win the 8WC. COBC Malaysia wants you to be the the Grand Champion and win the RM15,000.

All the products from both stacks proposed are suitable for both men and women who are physically active for optimal results. As the Ultimate Nutrition Ultra Ripped contains stimulant, it is not suitable for customers who are on specific medication, with high blood pressure, and/or with heart problems. Please do consult your physicians for consultation if you have medical condition.

The SUPPLEMENTS are as follows:

For the HARD GAINERS, we recommend STACK 1 and STACK 2 for the ladies and men aiming to lost weight. Both STACK 1 & 2 attract a further 10% discount.

STACK 1, TOTAL RM610 (LESS 10%) = RM549
STACK 2, TOTAL RM581 (LESS 10%) = RM522.90

Terms & Conditions

1) The above supplies prices is strictly for COBC recruits ONLY (FOR BOTH 8WC & NON 8WC).

2) Supply is limited and is subjected to first come, first serve basis.

3) To order, please email to Sarge (COBC) Nawal at

4) Please make all payment either via cheque payable to ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (but products will be ordered only once cheque is cleared) and pass to your platoon commander or online transfer /direct-bank in to CIMB 1258-000-261-5059 or MAYBANK 5127 6360 1954 (Please print the online transfer slip and exchange for product upon pickup). STRICTLY NO CASH PAYMENT.

5) Delivery is via your platoon commander latest by the next session (for orders before 11am. Sarge need to collect those items from warehouse and Platoon commander need to collect it from her) or if you cannot wait.

6) NOTE: We will not order or place an order or deliver any supplements until the payment is received. ALL PRICES are as per the published recommended price.

For any other inquiries, please drop a message here but please do not email as we do not have the manpower to reply. This is an additional prob-bono service by COBC. We do not even charge an extra sen. This is the power of bulk purchase from COBC community... Again, we want you to get the best result.