Ideal couple! Fitness Guru Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon
Beside the Inferno 3.0 diet plan, the 3x a week BOOTCAMP session at COBC, you would also need to do some homework!! Yes.. to have the best of health, to look sexy and stunning, you have to work and earn it!! The homework workout program is available now at www.eightweekchallenge.com.my

If you have not registered for the challenge that only cost AUD29.90 and 2 months of COBC session, please quickly do so now!! The last day to upload your measurement & pre-challenge photo is on 5 September!! For an idiot-proof step by step guide to register, click HERE. For an idiot-proof guide to upload the measurement and photos, click HERE.

Please log in by entering your username and password, then click on "Resources" and at the sub-menu, click workouts. A whole week of workout is displayed and will be changed everyweek!! At COBC, Chief does not repeat the same workout twice!! Never!! This is to make sure you dont get bored and is up to new challenging workout everyday.

The homework is only for 20 minutes but with Chief.. it is never the length of time!! What is more important is the intensity and that you complete it as if Sarge Nawal or Sarge Tom or Sarge Boon or Corp Wan is smack right infront of you................ making sure you dont stall or break unnecessarily in between.

All the best and stay motivated!! Stay Tuned!