After spending the whole morning in support to our recruit Zai Johari who together with Alex Cheah brought the new sport Sasuke to Malaysia, we were all knackered and hungry!! Actually more like starving and the thought of Deda's cheesy meaty burger was just too irresistible. We left the heart of Putrajaya to Alamanda to visit and support our stomach Deda Ridzwani, another fellow recruit from COBC whom had only recently launched two new eating stall at Alamanda Mall, Putrajaya. The two stall namely Noah's Burger and Waffle stop balance up the diet and sinful delicacies. When burgers are usually made of fats and meat leftovers, Noah's burger is 100% beef patty without any additives, no fillers and no preservatives.. it is healthy, good and err.. lets see how the burger taste like!!

The waffles were sinful!! full of extra unwanted calories but lets see if its worth breaking the diet!!

Deda quickly said to everyone to order anything on the menu.. All on her!!! 
Then she went busy taking orders because they were so many of us.. but I said to forget the individual orders.. lets try everything and all the varieties on the menu. Sort of cook them all and cut them to small pieces so we can taste them all... We also didnt want Deda to spend too much on us since her business was stil at the infant stage. 

While waiting for the food to be ready.. typical of bootcampers, we err..... camwhore!! almost a full time hobby!

Deda was in the Kitchen.. Nothing can go wrong with an owner operated business!!! 

I asked for the burger to be cut into 4 pieces! so we can all have a bite of the different varieties! 

There were at least half a dozen burgers being served but we were like Piranhas.. before I can even took them pictures, the burgers were gone!! it was Ohmaigod so good!! My favourite was the Cheese and Oriental Burger!!

                              The waffle arrived!!! There were a few varieties that was served!!! 

The brownies disappeared within seconds of being served!!!

and they ordered 4 additional brownies!!! *salivating!!! 

Needless to say, let the expression speaks for itself!!

Angela gave her famous Angela wink...

The food was good!! no that is an understatement.. the burgers, waffle and brownies were superb!!! 

When we wanted to pay.. DEDA refused to accept!! Everything was in the house!!! IN DA HOUSE!! Ohmaigod.. should have ordered a dozen more burgers! ..just joking! but joke aside!! If you were to be in Putrajaya or at Alamanda, YOU MUST TRY THE NOAH'S BURGER!! Trust me.. it is to die for!! worth breaking any diet and when I say trust me.. means trust me!! because eating is my department!

"Thank you Deda, for the food and hospitality, You are the best!!", said Taj Mahal

Everyone gave a big thumbs up to the Noah's Burger & Waffle Stop!!!

Want to hear a gossip about some fella bootcamper...? 

Stay Tuned........


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