Did you ever wonder what does recruits at COBC eats every day after every session and/or at anytime when they are not training? Well... one thing for certain, we always share our food menu for breakfast.. or lunch and even dinner on various Whatsapp and/or blackberry platoon channel.. and the most recent being these posting...

Maybe its true what BUB Delta Kenny Lock Heng Weng posted, that "A real man never lets his woman sleep hungry or Horny..."... but I think most men went to bed either horny or hungry!

From as early as 7am... someone would start posting food.. food and more food... Makan Makan makan... what better life is there?

At BBQ..

or at Mc Donalds..

They eat everywhere...

Seafood!! makan!

See Food? Makan

Satay Kajang Haji Samuri... makan!!

They makan makan!!

Just Makan!!

Solo or berdua.. they just makan..

bertiga... they also just makan!!


More Durian!!


Or in group...

whether its two slices of cheese...

or a table full of feast... 

Durian Pan Cake!!

Roast Chicken...

Nasi Kandaq...

All Sapu licin!!

But sometimes they just refilled and start all over again..

with prawn fritters!!


just MAKAN!!!

Whether fresh seafood...

To fresh...err rabbit?


Slutting with food is synonymous with someone...

DURIAN Lagi!!!

Maggi also they bedal!!

because that someone can only cook Maggi!!!!

Durian Puff!!!

Nasi Lemak? someone is not on diet??!

or else it shall be only bubur?!

Fresh Pussycat!!! Aiiiks

Thats what we do best... makan makan.. exercise and workout.. then repeat day after day! Aint life a beauty?