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Every month we get-together and gather to celebrate those people that had ACE'd their workout session, motivate those that did not ACE, inspire the newbies or those that had just hopped on the fitness bandwagon and keep the aspiration burning for those that is seeing results. What is an ACE? click HERE to know more about ACE. I know we have all the reasons to party and every month, we really loosen ourselves up and simply...... party!!! life can be so good.

This community from all walks of life from a company director, business owner to a restauranteur or hawker operator with different races and religion have been together for the past 22 months and the community has grown to more than 4,000 registered recruits. Although from various background, age, races and nationalities, we share only one thing in common.. we share the same passion in Health!!! With health, cum all the multiple orgasm in fitness, athletic speed and agility, physical appearance and of course hotbods.

The party that we organized is always in a theme and past party themes include:

1) First June Party 2010- World cup,
2) Second July Party 2010- White & Denim
3) Third & Fourth Aug & Sept Party 2010- Hari Raya
4) Fifth October Party 2010- the Nerd & Geek
5) Sixth November Party 2010- Hats Off
6) Seventh December Party 2010- Christmas
7) Eight January Party 2011- Kampong
8) Nine February Party 2011- Pyjamas
9) Tenth March Party 2011- Stripes & Polka Dots
10) Eleventh April Party 2011- Cowboys & Cowgirls
11) Twelfth and Thirteenth May & June 2011 Party- Superheroes 
12) Fourteenth July Party: Green & Yellow
13) Fifteenth & Sixteenth August & September Party- Halloween
14) Seventeenth October Party- Wear your before COBC old cloth
15) Eighteenth November Party- Luau Hawaiian
16) Nineteenth December Party- Smoking Jazzy Roaring 20s
17) Twentieth January Party- Gennaio Festo Italiano
18) Twenty First February Party- Mexicano

With many party theme experimented, this party... we... err... get in line with the latest Hollywood in-fashion with the checker shirt and set the theme as the "Checkered and Funky Glass tea party"!! The venue chosen was at the Library, First Subang. Yup.. you heard it right!! The good and decent people like us hang out at the Library.

After attending to the morning 12th LSD, then rushed to Ampang to bring Aaraf Armin for his Taekwondo training then stuck in ridiculous traffic at One Utama Mall finally I was at the Library 30 minutes later than the scheduled starting time!! There were already more than a dozen of recruits already eating in style!! Slowly ... more and more arrived in style with a total of more than 60 pax. We conquered the whole restaurant!! At first we had party-Grinders with eat 1 hour, 10 seconds rest.. 1 hour camwhore.. 10 seconds eat.. and repeated for 3 sets before we did it on TABATA with 1 hour camwhore, 10 seconds rest, 1 hour eating, 10 seconds rest. The grinders and tabata worked well except with Tan Wee Liam whom performed a superset eating the whole evening!

It began with 10 sets of Camwhore, rest, camwhore then rest 

Surani Ahmad
Lorrine C. Xavier
Patricia Lim
Regina Ho
Regina Ho, Tan Wee Liam and Staff Sarge (COBC) Dann
Teh Sing Li
Shazny Az
Colin Chong Wern Loong
LC (COBC) Ody & Staff Sarge Dann
Sharon Shiu
Suresh aka LC (COBC) Resh
Azhar Jamal & LC (COBC) Ridz
Sarge (COBC) Nawal
Suresh aka LC Resh
Dr Malek Aziz
Winnie Chai
Sharon Yip
Ahmad Zaidi
Patricia Lim & Dixon Thum

Maslina Ahmad Ismail and Staff Sarge Dann

Ahmad Zaidi, Eng Chia Chan aka EC CHan,  Dr Malek Aziz, Armin Baniaz Pahamin and Joe Liew

Lorrine C Xavier and Surani Ahmad
Teh Sing Li and Shazny Az
Left: Sharon Liu, Aaraf Armin, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Suresh, Maslina , Ridz
Regina Ho, Patricia Lim, Dixon Thum, Tan Mein Mein

Ody Nurfuadi and Daing Daniel Fitri

Rose Emini Pahamin and Surani Ahmad
James Fong and 6 months pregnant Chan Meng Yam

Afiza Abdul Halin, Rose Emini Pahamin, Nor Sabrina Mohd Nor

Afiza Abdul Halin, Rose Emini Pahamin,  Nor Sabrina Mohd Nor , Maslina Ahmad Ismail

Food-Slut wiping clean another plateful of food
Standing: Abdul Fattah Mohd Mokhtar
Tan Wee Liam, Afiza Abdul Halin, Taj Mahal, Regina Ho, Patricia Lim

Shear Ling Toh

Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad
Faizul Zainol

Faizul Zainol, Nik Aida, Yvonne Tan, Avril Chan, Darreh Teh

No Sabrina Mohd Nor, Daing Daniel Fitri, Abdul Fattah Mohd Mokhtar, Shazny Az, Nik Aida, Faizul Zainol, Yvonne Tan, Avril Chan, Darren teh

Our imported friend from India.. Umesh Narasimhaiah

Umesh Narasimhaiah

Torn among the roses......

Shear Ling Toh

Sarge (COBC) Chun

Armin Baniaz Pahamin

Then come the certificate presentation for ACERS!!!

100% Attendance, 100% Commitment and 110% Effort or ACE certificate is awarded to recruits whom had consistently through self discipline attended all the 12 training sessions in the month.

We understand the challenges to wake up in an ungodly hour in the wee of the morning and/or to slot in our hectic shedules to be committed to a healthy lifestyle by consistenly exercising three times a week at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP.

For that, we award the ACE Certificate, recognised and submit you to the CHIEF'S Hall of ACE. This discipline will not only provide you with a healthier and fitter lifestyle but the discipline will carry you very far in everything that you do.  Congratulation to all the ACERS!!

Bandar Utama Alpha 

1. Faizul Zainol
2. James Fong
3. Nik Aida Yanty Nik Zainin
4. Taj Mahal Aquino
5. Umesh Narasmhaiah
6. Yvonne, Yen Ching Tan
7. Jill Wee
8. Avril Chan

Bandar Utama Bravo

1. Afiza Abdul Halin
2. Colin Chong
3. Lorrine Xavier
4. Maslina Ahmad Ismail
5. Norliza Mohd Khalid
6. Raja Affandi Raja Jamaludin

Ampang Alpha

1. Lia Asmara Zulkiply
2. Mohd Azmir Zanul Abdin
3. Teh Sing Li

Ampang Bravo

1. Nur Adilah Adammi
2. Azura Abdul Halim

Damansara Heights Zulu

1. Azhar Jamal
2. Hisham Iskandar
3. Jadite Liew
4. Micaela Soyza
5. Stella Baake
6. Surani Mohamad
7. Thomas Baake
8. Angela Loo
9. Ryan Wong
10 . Heather Goh

Subang Jaya Charlie

1. Advance Tan Sen Sen
2. Elgy Tan
3. Irink Neo
4. Jojo Dayang Suhana
5. May Wong
6. Nor Hamezan Mohd Amin
7. Patricia Lim
8. Shahril Redza Ab Razak
9. Sharon Shiu
10. Dixon Thum
11.Tan Wee Liam

Subang Jaya Echo

1. Darshan Singh Shemal
2. Diana Chong
3. Jin Chong Hee
4. Jonathan Lim
5. Yin Har Leong
6. Wei Shen
7. THomas Ong

Shah Alam Alpha

1. Eng Chia Chan
2. Nur Izwana Ismail

Shah Alam Zulu

1. Nornanysya Feroze Khan

Cyberjaya Charlie

1. Ellya Masriq
2. Mohd Khairul Nizam
3. Nur Zarina
4. Ahmad Shazril

Cyberjaya Echo

1. Eric Chang
2. Mohd Nas'Aiman Merican
3. Eugene Tan
4. Wei Chuan Loh
5. Kamal Ashidy
6. Hwei Saan
7. Suhaini Nordin

Spirit of Bootcamp

 Hall of fame
The Spirit of Bootcamp (SOB) is awarded to somebody in your platoon that does not just inspire you, but motivates you to push yourself that little bit harder, somebody that makes your sessions more enjoyable and someone that is aspiring to you. It doesn’t even have to be somebody you know. It can be somebody that you have never spoken too, but you noticed him/her as encouraging, humorous and/or helpful.

You determine who motivate you the most.. and you award them with the "The Spirit of Bootcamp" by voting online for him/her.

The Hall of Fame is dedicated to record all the recipients of the Spirit of Bootcamp award. It is this spirit that makes the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP what it is and it is this spirit that makes you stands out in an ocean of people. 

This is our culture, this is the Spirit of Bootcamp!! CONGRATULATION to all that was voted into the oldest 20 years old military program network.

The votes for the Spirit of Bootcamp for the month of March 2011 goes to ...

BANDAR UTAMA ALPHA -  - Rajen Dorairej

BANDAR UTAMA BRAVO -  Raja Affandi Raja Jamaludin

AMPANG ALPHA - Mohd Azmir Zanul Abdin

AMPANG BRAVO - Nur Adilah Adammi





SHAH ALAM ZULU - Nur Diyana Alias

CYBERJAYA CHARLIE - Ellya Masriq ahmad Sani


We then celebrated all those birthday babies in April!!!

The birthday bunch were too hot, I had to cover them with umbrella?? They went the COBC-style on squat hold + pulses while everyone sang the birthday song.... slowly!!

Somehow.. Someone was slamdunk with the birthday cake!! its the food-slut!!

While there were birthday cake... Afiza Abdul Halin bake and brought along her chocolate famous muffins!!! and it dissappeared within seconds of being served!!!

Another week ended with a big huge multiple..... HOOYAH!!!



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