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One weekend down South and another up North and then again down South and up North.. Somehow, these domestic traveling seemed inevitable with little trip being made to the east coast, my own home town. Before the weekend, my cousin wati was married to ASP Hussein in Kelantan but I was engaged with PROTON annual convention and had to give it a miss. Otherwise, it would have been, down South, East Coast, up North and down South again.

It began with a good unprecedented move to bercanda di atas beca (moments on trishaw).. err actually it was to avoid Penang's impossible traffic. Traffic jam should be synonyms with KL'ites but traffic in Penang was near impossible! Traffic in KL would slowly flow bumper to bumper which was caused by a high number of vehicles on the road but traffic in Penang was a complete stopped and stalled, bumper to bumper with no movement at all due to the traffic light. If there is one thing that Penang needs, it must be in a city ring-road-fly-over or a bypass without the traffic light (take note Guan Eng).

The moments on trishaw was err.. mesmerizing until the picture appeared on Facebook and within seconds.. the first comment from the dozens, read out...

The first to comment was from COBC Otai James Fong that reads: "Armin you should be the one cycling and ferrying nawal la... !!!" so.. err.. thats how I ended up cycling the tri-shaw? (The top picture above).

We went BECA'ing to line-clear nasi kandaQ.. We actually skipped lunch and drove straight to Penang for this Makansutra trip, Graduation night and Monday meeting with state government corporation but the first event on schedule after the line-clear nasi kandaQ, was the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) HOTBODS BEACH PARTY!! Yes, COBC inaugural November graduation Hotbods beach Pot Luck Party behind Flamingo hotel at Tanjung Bungah! The party started as early as 6pm but we arrived a few minutes before 1800 hours being stuck in baby crawl traffic.

Parties are synonym with COBC socialites! We party every month! Sort of de-stressing, de-toxing (from work and dieting) and abit of showing off the one month of 'hard work' training at the COBC. The last Hotbods party that became the talk of town was... at HERE.

COBC Penang lead instructor, Sarge (COBC) (P) Boon, issued out a war cry as early as a month ago for tonight's function. There were a combined total of 80 recruits registered for COBC Penang Alpha and Bravo platoons in December and COBC in Penng is only 2 months old.

The Hotbod party was COBC Penang's first party and COBC nationwide inaugural beach party. When we arrived the mood was sombre and everyone was busy eating. There were varieties of food bring served, mostly were quite .. Hmm.. sinful!

Whenever there are food.. COBC food-slut USJ1 Delta Tan Wee Liam will surely, obviously definitely of course be there!!

and he doesnt wait... Attack!!!

All the way from Klang Valley, most of the instructors came to celebrate and support Penang Platoon first graduation party!! Those that were in Penang were Staff Sarge (COBC) (P) Dann, Sarge (COBC) (P) Nawal, Sarge (COBC) (P) Tom, Corporal (COBC) (P) Wan, Lance Corporal (COBC) (P) Resh, Lance Corporal (COBC) (P)  Ridz, Lance Corporal (COBNC) (P) Ody.

KL'ites in Penang, Colin Chong Wern Loong, Lorrine C. Xavier, Maslina Ahmad Ismail, Shazny AZ.

Ali Ferdinesizhed, COBC 8WC Bandar Utama 1st Runner-Up winner Colin Chong Wern Loong, Subang Jaya USJ1 COBC 1st Runner-Up Sarah Tan

Armin Baniaz Pahamin with COBC Penang Platoon Commander Sarge (COBC) (P) Boon.

Aaraf, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Armin Baniaz Pahamin, 
Sarge (COBC) (P) Boon, Corporal (COBC (P) Kenny

Angela Loo
 Part of the party was also to celebrate the December babies..

The birthday babies Abdul Azizam and Kevin Chew had to be on squat hold ala COBC Syle when we sang them the birthday songs..... very slowly.

Then we all gathered to announced the list of 100% Attendance, Commitment and Effort (ACE). Before the announcement, we introduced to the Penang recruits to other instructors from KL according to rank. For detailed write-up on all instructor, click HERE. The most senior instructors at the COBC is Staff Sarge Dann.

Then Sarge Nawal

Sarge Tom

Corporal Wan

Corporal Ridz

Lance Corporal Resh

Lance Corporal Ody

Finally, the announcement!!

There were only two (2) ACEr in Penang!!! 
1) Christina Cheah
2) AbdulAzizam

The first Penang Spirit of Bootcamp
Abdul Azizam aka Sam

After the announcement of the most prestigious award, we called Colin Chong Wern Loong and Sarah Tan both loation winner 1st runner-up for the annual COBC 8WC

Colin: I lost 14kg..Before COBC- my size (pointing to Ali on his right)

The key success to dieting.. is the to get a wife (Lorrine C Xavier)

Sarah Tan also share her experience.. To know more about her.. read HERE.

We also called Penang's first Spirit of Bootcamp... Abdul Azizam  to share his experience.

 and recruit Crystal

The last part of the night was..... err... Slam Dunk!?

It was very peaceful at first..

 Then the screaming start!! some struggled and tried hard not to....

The Penang'ites stood still to see the sportsmanship of KL recruits..

Phai Ling, Cherry, Jennifer and Kelvin

No one was spared.. 

Recruits can only wonder.. who is next??!

Maslina Ahmad Ismail was Slam Dunk!!


One by one...... everyone had a mission! everyone wanted to get everyone SLAM DUNK!!

Some went to 'safe-land'... 

and so they thought!!

and a moment later.... SLAM DUNK!!

There was no safe heaven. KL'ites.. Penangites.. everyone was not spared.



Micaela Soyza and Sarah Tan was dry... and they thought their pact with Iranian Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad could save her.. 

 but actually even Ayatollah Khemeini could not save them

but of course COBC 8 WC Location Subang Jaya winner Sarah Tan showed off her hardwork at COBC.

Everybody was Slam Dunk and was cheerful!! Good sportsmanship!! Good Spirit!

Micaela too was down!! SLAM DUNK!!


Lance Corporal (COBC) (P) Ody too was SLAM DUNK!!

Who is next?

Lorrine C. Xavier... SLAM DUNK!!

but before Lorrine C. Xaiver went down.. she begged.. "Take my husband.. take my husband... take Colin Chong Wern loong.. take Collin..... and .. err..... NOTED!

When the two most senior instructors whispered.. it can only mean trouble!!

and of course.. next was Lorrine C. Xavier's huband.. Bandar Utama 1st runner up Colin Chong Wern Loong..!!! SLAM DUNK!! DOWN!!!!

 One by one... went DOWN!! SLAM DUNK!!

Even Sarge Boon's favorite recruit Christina Cheah was also SLAM DUNK!!!

Rumours has it, Sarge Boon had to checked in the Traders Hotel with Armin Baniaz Pahamin when Chrisina locked him for getting her Slam Dunk'ed!

Christina Cheah and Sarge Boon!!! Instructors are not allowed to get personal with recruit!! But this was an exception.. Christina is Sarge's spouse!

'Someone' thought she could escape!! 

but was apprehended!!! and Otai Lizza Abdul Rahim was.. err....


Even the Wise Owl was not sparred...

 but being a senior, Dr Malek was given the liberty to prepare himself... So he went topless..

but attempted to wrestle his way through to escape..

Who can escape from three Sarge!??

The wise owl went down!!! SLAM DUNK!!

Nawal Aini was Slam Dunk'ed twice!!!

After in hiding for hours, Lance Corporal Resh too was Slam Dunk!!!

Now that all KL'ites, Penang'ites went down!!! The instructors and everyone went skinny dipping swimming at 12:30am!!!! They played volley ball!! ...but someone suddenly screamed.. grab the right Ball!! Oops..

The shy people.. stayed and watch the not-so-shy group in water.. and left back to the Traders Hotel shortly after midnight.

But those that stayed, they skin dipped till 4am and left to eat at Kapitan and nasi kandaq beratuq before retiring in the morning. By the time they came back to hotel, we woke up for breakfast!!

Where did the instructors stayed? Sarge Tom, Corporal Wan, Lance Corporal Resh, Lance Corporal Ridz were all in one bed at the BANANA BOUTIQUE!!!

Four bananas in one bed, one shower at the banana hotel sounds so wrong!!! That name Banana boys is so going to stick on them stronger and longer than the BU mud on recruits!

Banana boys??!! ho ho ho...

BEP - Dont Stop (The Party)

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