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Its our party again!! Yes, if there is one date that we should always diarise every month, then it is the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) monthly party!!! and no it is not restricted to only COBC recruits but it is open to every friends, bruder & sista of the recruits.. Heck.. it is open to everyone whom wants to be part of the most passionate circle of people in health and fitness. Every month, there will be a theme chosen for the day. The theme for January 2012 party was ... err.. Italian!!!! It was abit tough to dress at first.. but with a little bit of Google'ing I came out with er... Antonio Banderas??!! but then.. he was not handsome enough and had to google for more optiond.. The next name that came out was err.... Luciano Pavarotti? but then.. I am too lean to be Pavarotti.. so... google some more.. google and google.. finally, I decided to be ArminO BaniazO!!!

Armino Baniazo???

Haiiih... Whatever... *scratching head...

We held our party at the Italiannies at the Empire, Subang Jaya to commemorate the Italian theme at our much awaited monthly party. The Italiannies was located at HERE and for the first time, the party was held in Subang Jaya. We had a decent 100 ++ recruits from almost every COBC locations. Even from Penang. Sarge (COBC) Boon @ Cheah Boon Chong led the batallion from Penang. There were Ong Kai Li, Heng Lee Lee, Christina Cheah, Kevin Chew, Lau Phaik San and Micheal Ong. It was also the first time that we had the function at noon!! Usually, it was always in the evening.

At 12pm.. one by one of our guests arrived....

Dalyn Nunis

LC Resh
LC (COBC) Ridz
Sarge (COBC) Tom @ Mohd Azhari
While waiting for others to arrived.. Someone got five-fingered!!


Before we knew it.. the whole floor was packed with COBC! 
Penang Connection

Spotted Al Pacino!!!??!! eh.. no its Ali Cappucino..

Wong Fei Hung?

Sarge (COBC) Chun @ Chia Kai Chun
& Model Eleen Yong

Sarah Tan and Heather Goh

Armino Baniazo... with Corporal Modji & Corporal Ridz

Deda.. still selling waffle on the phone? Too hard working already!!!

Deda still selling Waffle even at parties?

Advance Tan

Jadite Liew & Heather Goh

Taj Mahal

Dalyn Nunis and Taj Mahal

Anis Ramli and Lorrine C. Xavier

Anis Ramli, Lorrine C. Xavier and Collin Chong Wern Loong

Rose Emini with the Penang batallion..

Umesh Na

Penang Lead instructor, Sarge Boon and Christina Cheah

Sheikh Hisham Iskandar

Ampang & Damansara Heights Platoon Commander @ Sarge Nawal

Celebrity Darren Teh ("An Honest Mistake" Band Vocalist) recruit at BU Bravo

Actress Ruzana Ibrahim from COBC Ampang Alpha

Darshan Yellowboots!!

Finally, the show began!!!

With Vibram Models!??

Check out the hot men shoe!!!!

First, the emcee (Masters of Ceremony) introduced all the instructors..

After introducing the instructors, Farhanah Bamadhaj announced the list of ACERS, SOBs and celebrated the February babies.... 

For full write-up on ACE, SOB and birthday and a few hundred more pictures.......... 
Stay tuned for PART 2!!!


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