Once upon a time, there were barely 5 or 6 recruits that ACE every month session. We totally understand the stress at work and the inevitable traveling for work and leisure but if we want to be fit, healthy and sexy.. trust me, we have to be committed. For that commitment and discipline to attend at least 12 sessions in a month, we are pleased to imprint your name in  COBC Hall of Achievers because this is the exemplary commitment that we want to instil in each and every recruit. Health and physique is a necessity in life which is more important than money and its what money cant buy.. With good health, we can work and earn better money. With beautiful body, we can marry money we have that confident to bring us very far in love, career and life. From only 5 recruits when we first started the ACE almost 3 years ago, today 65 recruits had ACE'd the November session!!! Those that ACE their session every month will be awarded with an ACE Certificate and have their name published in COBC Hall of Achievers at HERE.

Rashedah Ridwani

Faizul Zainol

Jerry Soon

Kaf Lai

Zati Helza Zainal

Maslina Ahmad Ismail

Shazni Abdullah Zubir

Lorrine C. Xavier and Colin Chong Wern Loong

Dixon Thum and Adam Heng

Anis Ramli

Veroneca Soo

Jenny Danker

Advance Tan

Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad

Ryan Wong

Angela Loo

Shazareen Shamsuddin

Naqia Nasrudin

Micaela Soyza

Sheikh Hisham Iskandar

Abdul Fattah Mohd Mokhtar

Lia Asmara Zulkiply

Ezaddin Mat Awan

Ruzana Ibrahim

If I am an employer and I was presented with an ACE certificate by someone that I was interviewing, I would really consider him/her a job employment!! Why? because as an employer, it is really hard to find a committed and discipline employee. The ACE certificate speaks wonders about someone's character and personality!!!

Bandar Utama Alpha: Rashedah Ridzwani, Jo Seen khow, Radeshah Ridzwani, Faizul Zainol, Affiq Zakie, Mohd Fazli, Lingesh Thayala, Fiona Tan, Hemanalini Murugan, Lew tzyy Jia, Zati Helza Zainal, Faustino Rinaldon Mundaw, Ho Pui Li

Bandar Utama Bravo: , Shazni abdullah Zubir, Maslina ahmad ismail, Afiza abdul halin, Vinayagam, Arunasalam, Woo man yee, Jamie Oh, Anis Ramli, Kaf Lai, Jerry Soon, Wennice Chai, Kenny Lock, Sook (sookie) yan, Lorrine Xavier, Colin Chong,

Subang Jaya USJ Alpha: Loo Lick Wei, Dixon Thum, Adam Heng, Veroneca Soo, Advance Tan, Ali Rahimi, Ferdosinezhad, Dalyn Nunis, Josephine Gan, Jenny Danker, Evelyn Ewe, Loo Lick Ha, Jaclyn, seah

Subang Jaya USJ Bravo: Anis Adilah Acryl Sani

Damansara Heights Zulu: Angela Loo, Shazareen Shamsudin, Yazlin Ghulam, Micaela soyza, Ryan Wong, Naqia Nasrudin, Thomas Baake, Stella Baake, Hisham iskandar, Stephanie Chong, Surani Mohamad , Firdaus Ruslan

Ampang alpha: Helmi Rozaimi Haron, Ezaddin Mat Awan, Ruzana ibrahim, Fahrina Fuad, Lia Asmara Zulkiply

Advance Tan and Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad

Rashedah Ridwani and Zati Helza Zainal

Maslina Ahmad Ismail and Radeshah Ridzwani

Ryan Wong and Angela Loo

Anglena Loo and Micaela Soyza

Sheikh Hisham Iskandar

Hot couple Hot momma Lorrine C Xavier and Colin Chong Wern Loong

Abdul Fattah Mohd Mokhtar and Kaf Lai

Faizul Zainol and Micaela Soyza

Ruzana Ibrahim and Shazareen Shamsuddin

Naqia Nasrudin and Veroneca Soo

Jenny Danker

Those that did not ACE.. err. were not forgotten. Of course we camwhore with them too!!! How else do we want to recognise them as NOT AN ACE.

CHAPTER 3: THE SPIRIT OF BOOTCAMP. The spirit of Bootcamp is an award given to any recruit that was voted by his platoon-mate via online secret balloting (no indelible ink). At the 3rd week of every session to the end of the monthly session, recruits were asked to vote for his/her teammate that best motivate and inspired him/her. There is always a hero/heroin in someone that became the source of inspiration to the recruits. You vote for your hero/heroine online and the result is announced at every Hotbods party! Those that you vote as your Platoon's Spirit of Bootcamp will have their name imprinted in the COBC Hall of Achievers at HERE.

Every one eagerly and impatiently waited for the announcement!!

The Spirit of Bootcamp for November are as follows:
Bandar Utama Alpha - Mohamad Fazli Ahmad Sarujee
Bandar Utama Bravo - Kenny Lock Heng Weng
Damansara Heights Zulu - Ryan Wong
Subang Jaya USJ1 Charlie - Lick Hao Loo
Subang Jaya USJ1 Echo - Thomas Ong
Ampang Alpha - Helmi Haron
Shah Alam Zulu - Jimmy Aw
Cyberjaya Alpha - Sharifah Nurul Fariheen Syed Mohd Allimin
Cyberjaya Charlie - Cindy Mok

Well Done and Congratulation to all SOBs... Needless to say, being voted the SOB in the 500 odds recruits at the COBC does speaks volume. Keep up the good spirit and do not lose this spirit because it can be one of your greatest asset.

CHAPTER 5: The November Babies

Another part of our monthly Hotbods party was also to celebrate all the monthly birthdays. Those that was born in November were Jerry Soon, Sheikh Hisham, Lorrine C. Xavier, Ryan Wong and Ruzana Ibrahim. There were others too but the one that came were this five

Whenever birthday boys and gals were celebrated, they must all be on squat hold position ala COBC Style while everyone sing along the birthday song....

as in sang the birthday song..... very..... very slowly until their legs started screaming.. 

and as if that was not enough.. one of the birthday babies had to be on 'table-top' form!!!

For the blog job candle function..

and finally, someone had to pick that tiny little candle out..

and share it with everyone!!


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