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Ya know...  these people partied again over the weekend.. With them.. its either party, eating, running or exercising... and this time its another graduation. Graduation from what? yaa.. you are right... Graduated from another successful month of consistent, hardwork and teamwork towards training to achieve our own personal goal. But WHY must graduate? because for us to move forward, we must acknowledge however much we have improve this month compared to previous and what will be our next target for the next month. This month, we party in Mexico!!! err.. I mean Mexico theme rather...

Ay Yariba yaribaaa..... In line with our theme, we held our party at the Las Carretas, Mexican Restaurant at Damansara Heights and it was organised for High-tea because with our healthy lifestyle now, bedtime is at 9pm? So we gathered to Mexico and arrived there in time for a feast at 5pm... As always there were almost a hundred that came.

Stella Baake looking very pretty in her Mexican dress with RED VIBRAM!!!! Excellente

At the graduation party, the re-branded look of Sarge (COBC) Nawal was also unveiled!! New look, new hair-style and new spirit..

Until someone became crazy (background)

And someone had to quickly grab the arrow and pierce it straight to the ....

The party is an avenue for every recruit to meet other recruit and share their experience and goal. It is also an avenue for recruit to get closer and get to know their instructors when they are not in uniform.

Although it was a Mexican theme but we also provide some Lion Dance performed by our own recruit..

Mexican Lion Dance?

and there are also some show by some lady with mostauche? 

Everybody became an entertainer.. and entertained.. err. themselves?

Then it is time to announced the ACE achievers?!!! Those were the recruits that achieved 100% Attendance, 100% Commitment and 110% Effort!!!

The team gathered for the announcement.

Thomas and Stella Baake ACE'd!!!!

Jeng Jeng Jeng..... The ACERs are..........

What began as a serious announcement soon became err.. abit.. err kind of, whacko when Colin Chong Wern Loong received his certificate!!

Then all hell broke lose...

Even a female can grow mostouche..  at COBC, you really cannot predict what will happen next!!!

Everyone was converted from this......

to this!!!!

From a sweet charming lady..

To this!!!!!!

Someone was so scared.....

but no one was spared.... 

Everybody was laughing hysterically!!!

but no one could avoid...

The list of all ACERS are as follows:

Lia Asmara
Nor Salihan Abd Rashid
Sharifah Nurul Husna
Suzanna Borhan

Nor Adilah
Mohd Fadzli

Azhar Jamal
Firdaus Ruslan
Hisyam Iskandar
Kavisha JP
Kenix Lim
Micaela Soya
Ryan Wong
Stella Baaake
Thomas Baake
Surani Mohamad

Abdula Fattah Mohd Mokhtar
Avril ChanDarren Teh
David Hemperly
Rajen Dorairaj
Rienna Choo
Shear Ling Toh
Taj Mahal Aquino
Yvonne, Yen Ching Tan
Jill Wee
Afiza Abdul Halin
Angela Loo
Colin Chong
Janice Wee
Lorrine C Xavier
Pietro Felix

Advance Tan Sen Sen Tan
Irink Neo
May Lyn Wong
Ummi Suhada Abdul Razak
Wai Khong, Dixon Thum
Wee Liam Tan
Wong Jyan
Jacqline Yong
Elgy Tan

Mohd Khairul Nizam
Nur Zarina Zainal Abidin
Ellya Masriq
Shyamala Johti

Mohd Nas'Aiman Merican
Wei Chuan Loh
Hwei Saan
Kamal Ahsidy

Eng Chia Chan
Nur Izwana Ismail

Nur Diyana

Darshan singh shemal
Diana Chong
Jin Chong Hee
Lavern Chee
Sunil Akhtar
Yin har Leong

Abdul Azizam
Kevin Chew
Lau Phaik San
Christina Cheah
Linda Oon
Elaine Oh

Ooi Sue Yin

 NOW the announcement for the Spirit of Bootcamp!!!! For Bandar Utama Alpha...


Afiza Abdul Halin!!

The Bos.. eh

 eh.. SOB!!!

 Subang jaya Charlie
May Lyn Wong!!!

Damansara Heights Zulu!!!!
 Micaela Soyza

Alamak.. senget..

Shah Alam SOB.. were absent

Cyberjaya Echo
Wei Chuan Loh

The full list of those voted as February Spirit of Bootcamps were:
BUA- Taj Mahal
BUB- Afiza Abdul Halin
USJC- May Lyn Wong
USJE- Darshan Singh
DHZ- Micaela Soyza
APA- Mohammad Rizal Zakaria
SAA- Eng Chia Chan
SAZ- Ahmad Faizul
CJE- Wei Chuan Loh
CJC- Shyamala Johti

After all the announcement.. the Masters of Ceremony took over for the next agenda..

but before she could began.. she was raped too!!

 We all had a good laugh.. the night was all about endless laughter

While waiting for the next agenda, the guest were entertained by a solo performance by Sarge (COBC) Tom.. singing......... La Bamba?

The last agenda for the night was the March Birthday babies!!! 

All those born in March were celebrated with a big sinful Durian Cake.. 
and they all had to be on squat hold ala COBC Style for everyone to sing them the birthday song.. 
eh.. me also!!! i am also the birthday baby!! Yahooo

After being on squat hold.. and sang.. last but not least the blow job

Then MAKAN!!!!

 There goes our diet..

When it comes to food!!!! Yes we can trust everyone, there wont be any food left..

Before leaving back home.. everyone of course.. camwhore like there is no tomorrow!!

Its amazing to see recruits without their grey tee.. they look stunning.. even LC Resh's eyes almost popped out..

Life is too short to be wasted.. Make the best our of your life, live life to the fullest.. and see ya at basecamp tomorrow... special mention to Mohamad Fazli.. (Dont over-snoozed)!!!

Los Lobos - La Bamba

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  1. what an amazing party it was! great to meet all and mingle mingle! cheers and till we party again! HOOYAH!


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