CHAPTER 5: THE CONFESSION. Part of the Hotbods monthly party and gathering was also to share personal experiences in training, diet, physical achievements and as well as for networking. I have always been keen and enthusiastic in outdoor activities. During my younger days (err not that I am now old but...), I have always wanted to conquer some mountains. Aspired by some tale of a pretty mountain princess ala Puteri Gunung Ledang in the legendary tale of Hang Tuah, my imagination sometimes can astray really wild. Those were fantasies during pre-school. Sadly now, typically Aaraf, does not even know who is Hang Tuah?! Heck.. he does not even know who is Popeye!! Anyway.. It was not until I met this young 52 years old gentlemen Abu Lais Walli Mohamed that I found a partner to explore and experiment mountain climbing!!! Yes, he was there for a while at last night's Hotbods party but he disappeared before I could mention the man that first introduced me to Mountain Climbing!! It was also with him that I first attended the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) program at Padang Merbuk.. almost 3 years ago. Ironically, now Padang Merbuk (a sentimental place) is no longer part of the Chief's network.

One thing that I learn from my journey in life was the need to be surrounded by people that share similar belief, interest and passion to make any dream a reality. When I befriended Abu Lais, my love and passion for outdoor activities multifold.. exponentially!! When I met Dr Malek Aziz, we got founded the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP! That is what COBC is all about!! A huge family that share that same passion and enthusiasm. With a total of five hundred registered recruits in December, we have a huge family that want nothing else but to be gorgeous!!

In that desire, we commit ourselves to a 20 years old program with a proven track record of weight and fat lost, muscle toning and conditioning, and a healthier lifestyle. As a year-end Bonus.. in addition to looking gorgeous, we get the best of health and the greatest of confident!!

A coffee chat with Kym Wishnowski, I was overwhelmed to hear that she too share my sentiment with the COBC. She and her hotelier husband David Wishnowski has been in Malaysia for years and in that many years, Kym has very few friends and most of them are David's colleagues. When Kym joined the COBC for training, she immediately have 60.. the whole platoon of friends whom they never got to become friends but became best friends forever (bff) instead. When we share similar passion and enthusiasm, the relationship grew beyond friendship.

Our journey in life is very unique indeed. When our target to workout and train at the COBC is for health.. we became gorgeous as a Bonus. When we workout to look gorgeous, we were rewarded with a better health! Whichever way and whatever our target is, it is no longer a two man show, it was not as how Abu Lais and I started outdoor activities or how Dr Malek Aziz and Me at the bootcamp but we have with us in Malaysia the whole 21 platoons with more than 500 recruits and the global COBC network of hundreds platoons with thousands of recruits.

With a more gorgeous look or health, we became more confident in ourselves and with better confidence, we excel better in love and career. This will then perfected the equation to a near perfect life if not perfect!!

Thus, part of the hotbods party was to share our experience going through that journey for better health. Unfortunately, we did not record those details shared by the followings. Once during one of the many parties we had, we recorded everyone's experience on Youtube. To see that recording, click HERE. Next party we shall it recorded but you can see from the pictures, how confident they all look!! The night as always was full of laughter and laughter.. everyone was so hilarious!!

Subang Jaya Runner-Up in 8 WC!! Sarah Tan

The komando Corporal Wan

The most demanded Sarge Tom

 The hottest and the only female Sarge Nawal.

At the COBC, the instructors have to undergo the same exact training and the same exact program the recruits had to go through! and they still do!! They are assessed every month as how recruits are being assessed. This is made compulsory in order for the instructors to understand the predicament and the agony of the recruits! Recruits do not have to be shy or embarrass to ask any questions regarding diet and/or training from any instructor because the instructors thoroughly understand having gone and experience everything that the recruits are facing. Infact, instructors are binded by a strong code of ethics and conduct that recruits should not at all feel uncomfortable.

The last agenda after the confession and testimony was ...... err Chapter 6: the Finale!

Stay Tuned!!

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