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30 SEPTEMBER 2010... As always... the first session starts with a benchmark assessment. Click HERE for details of the Benchmark Assessment. There were many new faces in September session that began today.  Zulu or our evening session starts at 6:15pm until 7:15pm during fasting month or 6:45pm to 7:45pm after the fasting month.

Sarge Dann arrived from Australia yesterday on Sunday after graduating from the Hell Week and earlier today commanded the Alpha, Bravo and now the Zulu platoon. Just as we all thought Sarge Dann would burn out or fall sick from training-overdose.... he came back stronger and fitter!!

Corporal Sandy were the other instructors in-command...... and I... the paparazzi hehehhe..

Unfortunately, there is no mud-spa treatment (made popular by the defunc KL platoon that is now operated under a different program) at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama... but instead our very own signature the 'water treatment'... aka flood!!

After the warm-up, Sarge Dann divided the platoon into two sections with the new comers partnering with the OTAI (Old Timer) for the customary Benchmark Assessment.

 Sarge Dann & Corporal Sandy illustrating the pushup on the knee (for new comers)

Everyone concentrates and listen to Sarge Dann's instruction.

While Sarge Dann explaining the Benchmak assessment, an Otai superstar-leg John Chua arrived to support and check out the Zulu...

Otai John Chuah earlier had his benchmark assessment done at BU Alpha... and unsurprisingly, he beat his benchmark assessment PB (personal Best). John Chuah is now on his 6 consistent month at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP.

Almost ALL OTAIs improved their PB benchmark assessment timing.

OTAI Jun King performing a perfect squat during assessment. 10 repetition of Pushups on toes or 15 on knees...

 Jun King going very strong even after a few laps.......

Azman Dahlan, an old friend of mine re-connected at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP MALAYSIA. OBC is not just about getting healthy... its a circle of people sharing the same passion to get healthier, fitter and better looking.

I wonder how Jun King kept his energy to be cheerful while doing the benchmark...

Ryan... off-workout for a few weeks but still blazing through the runs..

Otai Liza.. one of Zulu strongest

OTAI Harley-Davidson Raja Affandi Jamaludin.. my unknown neighbour at Sungai Penchala but first time met at OBC-BU. Raja Affandi, the July SOB (Spirit of Bootcamp) is one of OBC-BU inspiring recruit... when everybody was dying from exhaustion.. he will be cracking jokes...

OTAI Mohd Arief Mokhsien lost 4kg during his first month bootcamping and a very determine recruit without missing a session even during fasting month. His formula to lost weight.. is to arrive late during session and get extra Grunts... From the first day Mohd Arief Mokhsien started, he now has one of the best forms and technique.

Nawal Aini Zulkifli.. encouragin her fellow comrades..

This Sarge Dann is one instructor that you can never see him 'still'.. he will at one end at one instant and at the other end almost instantly. When you feel you are slowly pacing yourself.. he will immediately appear behind you screaming.. elevating the adrenaline to pace-up. 

 Otai Liza and Otai Afeeza Abdul Halin...

"I DID IT!!!" screamed Otai Jun Kin.. still cheerful after the first circuit of the benchmark assessment

 Corporal Sandy... waiting at the 'gate' to record the time!!

Check out Otai Mohd Arief Mokhsien's perfect pushups....

Sarge Dann pursuing Otai Arief Mokhsien... 

 Ryan was one of the first few that completed the first circuit assessment.

Azman Dahlan, a new but determine recruit... waiting for the 1 mile run..

OTAI John Chuah.. lending support in slippers and short

Getting ready for the 1 mile run....

Matilda is a new but very strong recruit... she was able to performed the pushups on toes.. and ran her 1 mile race without walking...

and while everybody were running... this blue were camwhoring...

 Admin Rose Emini Pahamin too went running to support the recruits..

 and OTAI John Chuah.... RUNNING IN SLIPPERS to encourage and motivate newer recruits...


Well Done to those that completed the benchmark Assessment... and Congratulation to those the improved their PB. New recruits that was unable to complete the Benchmark Assessment, it is Sarge Dann & the instructors duty to make sure you improve and complete the next assessment...


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  1. hi armin,

    no available vibram supplier in malaysia unless you open one retail outlet here lor and be the first..

    the closest you can get is in singapore.. the links are here :

  2. Hi Amelia,

    Yes i know the Vibram is not available here...

    thank you for the link. I have also contacted singapore.. their available retailers in singapore are as follows.

    - Takashimaya, Orchard Road, Level 4, Sports Department
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    - Adventure 21, Chinatown Point, #02-03A. Tel: 65350232
    - Artisan Exchange, Illuma at Bugis, #03-28. Tel: 62387717
    - The Windsurfing Shop, East Coast Parkway (Water-Venture East
    Coast, Area G). Tel: 64491955

  3. Hi Armin,

    The date on top of the article is 30th October 2010. Are you on time travel machine? Where's the photos of Otai Liza? I'm her fan, mann

  4. Anon...

    Hey.. thanks for prompting that.. Must be the lack-of-food-puasa-blur..

    Otai lizza is there.... Stay Tune... :-)


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