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Its been 10 years since my last visit to Sydney. Waking up at 4:30am in the morning in Sydney was more challenging than it was back home. The weather was too cold for exercising but the first agenda at the Sydney ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP CONFERENCE was exactly just that... Bootcamp'ing at 5:40am, in at least 10 degree cold, barefooted and by the beach!!! It was a freezing experience...

There were 68 participants from franchisees and its instructors from all over under the command of Chief Brabon and Gunny Em. Senior Sarge Rob Coad, the person responsible to bring ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP to Malaysian shore was a recruit with me and alongside other senior instructors whom were here to attend the conference.

Our workout this morning at 5:40am was at the Duningham Park, Coogee Beach, located 5 minutes walking distance to where we stayed. There were three circuits prepared at the Coogee Beach predawn platoon with three equipments being used. The first circuit was with ropes, second using the mock rifles and third circuit was with the tactical conditioning bag.

Most of the 50 licensees from all over Asia Pacific attended the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP conference and was at the Beach for the first agenda of the many programs prepared.

The lead -instructors and franchisees came from
Sydney Metro, Sydney CBD / Domain, Franchisees: Chief & Emily Brabon. Balmain Franchisee: Clarissa WilsonBrighton Le Sands Franchisee: Billy Quigley; Campbelltown Franchisee: AquaFit Fitness & Leisure; Castlehill Franchisee: C2K Fitness & Aquatic Centre; Centennial Park Franchisee: Patrick Ritchie; Chatswood Franchisee: Jeremy Fleming Coogee Beach (Visit our webpage) Franchisees: Chief Emily Brabon; Liverpool Franchisee: Dario Dimakis, Manly Franchisees: Stretton Kimber & Jason Watkins; North Ryde Franchisees: Adam Clayton & Sam Mower North Sydney Franchisee: Stretton Kimber & Jason Watkins; Parramatta (Launching Spring 2010) Franchisee: C2K Fitness & Aquatic CentreTurramurra  (Launching Spring 2010); Franchisees: Danny & Cathy Stephens, Waitara Franchisees: Danny & Cathy Stephen; Wanda Beach Franchisee: Brendan Barry. Newcastle/ Hunter Merewether Beach Franchisee: Justin Crook.

There were also franchisees from Melbourne Metro, Melbourne CBD Franchisee: Gary Wagner; Bayside/Sandringham, Burwood / Wattle Park, Diamond Creek Franchisees: DavidKatrina Murray; Glen Waverley Franchisees: David & Katrina Murray; North Carlton Franchisee: Gary Wagner; South Yarra Franchisee: Gary Wagner; Central Victoria Horsham Franchisee: Lisa Cosson; South West Coast Warrnambool Franchisee: Jason Cowling.

Adelaide Metro, Adelaide CBD / South Terrace, Golden Grove, Henley Beach, North Adelaide,  Franchisees: Rob Coad, Brighton Beach Franchisees: Chad McLaren; Port Adelaide Franchisees: Rob Coad & Shane Coad; Barossa Valley Gawler Franchisees: Liam Muldoon; Barossa Valley
Franchisees: Liam Muldoon,
Spencer Gulf; Port Augusta Franchisees: Jason McInerney, Limestone Coast; Mount Gambier Franchisees: Squashbrooke Fitness & Leisure.

Mark Batros the licensee for ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Bukit Jelutong and CyberJaya was also at the conference with Sarge Dann, the lead instructor for the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP at Bandar Utama. This morning was Sarge Dann's second bootcamp location. Yesterday, Sarge Dann attended the training at Sydney City (Domain).

There were also franchisee from Brisbane Metro, Brisbane CBD / Botanic Gardens and Brisbane CBD / Roma St Franchisee: Zac Buckley, Caboolture, Franchisees: Richard & Sharon Cessford (Fitness N Motion); Redcliffe Franchisees: Jake McLuskie, Gold Coast Broadbeach Franchisees: Shane Elisara & Rony Lebovics, Main Beach Franchisees: Shane Elisara & Rony Lebovic, Paradise Point Franchisees: Darrell & Michelle Lawrie and Nik Vaalele; Sunshine Coast Coolum. Perth Metro-Perth CBD / Kings Park Franchisees: Duncan Arkley. Peel Coast Bunbury Franchisees: Benn Stephens.

Training by the beach was tougher than our 'signature' training-in-ankle-deep-mud-and-flood we so 'cherished' in Malaysia. There is no mud-spa in Sydney but the thick soft sand increases the level of running and movement difficulty except for the 'Leapord Crawl' which was a lot more fun crawling in the beach-sand. It felt weird working out without being soaked in sweat and yet burning a total 715 calories.

The tactical conditioning bag too was alot of strenuous-fun. After the kick-ass morning workout, everybody, together packed all the equipments and carried them into Chief's gorgeous red Jeep. The jeep, I assumed is also the 'Storage' for all the equipments. I saw the "cage" nicely tucked & locked on the roof.

Can you see the Cage on the rooftop?

The jeep too was registered with the word "HOOYAH". 

We had a 1 hour shower & breakfast break after the session before pursuing to the Coogee Bay   hotel for the indoor seminar.

Our function is held at the Seaview Room B, Coogee Bay hotel.

REBECCA ATTENBOROUGH took us through the importance of Public Relation..... What is public relation? well.. in short, it means having a monogamous relationship with the Brand and making it known to the public.

While Rebecca was educating us in having an 'affair' publicly, Rob Coad arrived fashionably late....  but the platoon was not given any punishment... Weird but of course we didn't mind.

Our lunch break was cut-short when Rebecca Attenborough worked 'Overtime' to make sure we understand and are able to apply the concept of 'Public Relation' and successfully be known as the "Military Fitness Specialist' in our trade-area.

While having lunch, we had Justin Tamsett, the fitness marketing guru taking us through the Social Networking & Guerrilla marketing. 

I was down with a bad flu. This morning barefoot in-freezing-cold-sand-workout took a toll on me health. Gunny Em gave me Sudafed PE and I quickly swallow the orange pill without reading the instruction. After taking the pill, I read the box- RED PILL, DAY- non drowsy; Orange pill, NIGHT- allows rest (drowsy). Needless to say, my eye was shutting down throughout the day.

The first day ended well. We... Rob Coad, Duncan (err still trying to remember the names) went for a quick dinner at the Beach Palace Hotel, the restaurant beside the apartment.

 We ordered the AUD$5.00 pizza...... but it wasnt so appetizing.

 We retired early to wake up for the 12km Coogee Beach run tomorrow at 6am. HOOYAH!!
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  1. Armin, despite your cold & hectic schedule, you still keep us posted! The BU platoons say "Thank You".
    Cant wait for the next 'report'. HOOYAH!!

  2. Dr Malek.....

    It is seriously cold here bro..... you dont want to imagine bootcamp'in by the beach in the cold weather.. its BBBRRRRiiiliant..


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