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16 AUGUST 2010. Today was our third session during Ramadhan.. and the 10th session in August. The first day of Ramadhan began last week on Wednesday. It was..... very exhaustive especially with the additional 10 grunts compliment from late-comer Mohd Arif Mokhsein. The second session while fasting, we had another 10 Grunts from late-comer.. Err... me!!! I mean, its not that I wanted to pay-back Arif Mohsein but... I thought others too wanted Yam Chan SiuCheh's hot ass.

Surprisingly, the Late-Comer-King Raja Affandi Jamaluddin was very punctual when he is fasting.

Today's third session during Ramadhan was without any late-comers... Actually there was.. John Chuah!!! but somehow, John Chuah happily converted himself from a recruit into a.... paparazzi!!! and as a result.... we were rape with photos (pictures below was a compliment from him).

There were more than a dozen at ZULU session today with Sarge Dann as the chief-whip! Our session start at 6:15pm sharp under a heavy rain but the rain did not stop us training although I knew someone was praying for some thunderstorm.

We had the full Grinders with Sandbag...  and an ankle deep flooded field. The first circuit comprised of a 3x 200 meter lap before an 18 repetitions each of truster with sandbag, military-pushup with sandbag, push-ups on Sandbag, stand-ups with Sandbag stretched above the head.. the circuit was repeated for three sets within the 20 minutes.

To make today's workout extra special, James Fong wore his pure-white-brand-new-look shoe and Yam Chan SuiCheh wore her brand new tights (without it being torn yet).

 Recruits performing the workout after the 3 laps of running...

Fatintafrina Mohd Tareh doing the Push-up, Mohd Arief Mokhsein, Jun King about to start with trusters... far right... me.. Err I dont know what I was doing...

James Fong... running with his pure-white-brand-new-look shoe.... A kiasu sort of speak...

Yes.. That is Shear Ling Toh 

The rain became heavier... and I was tempted to 'drink' the rain..... Errrr puasa!!

We stopped the session when there was lightning... Never compromised on safety...

We warm-down by the roadside where an unidentified car was parked... BUSTED.. JOHN CHUAH happily hiding and camwhoring.

Although we could not complete the full 1 hour...... but someOne was just too...

Picture speaks a thousand words.... 

I left home to spend the little calories-burn on a hot home-made chocolate cake!!!


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