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21 AUGUST 2010. The second day at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Conference began with a 12km run (optional)  from Coogee Beach to Bondi beach at 6am. We were awake at 4:30am... Sarge Dann carbo loaded with a slice of bread and Nutella while I deliberated to go running or otherwise. The flu came uninvited and the Conference had just began. I took a rain check to avoid the flu from worsening and stayed indoor blogging... while Sarge Dann went down alone.

By 7:40am, we were already at the Seaview B, Coogee Bay hotel for the Tactical Advantage Sports Specific Certification (TASSC). There were two sections of the TASSC. The first section was presented by David Murray. David Murray is a Master Trainer at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP and commands over a decade of experience as Exercise Science Advisor to professional AFL clubs in Collingwood, Carlton and Hawthorn. He holds a Bachelor of Education degree and a graduate Diploma in Physical Education over and above his 20 years of experience in sports specific strength & conditioning. David Murray was selected by Chief Brabon to assist in the preparation of AFL legend Anthony Koutoufides for his role as Kouta on the latest incarnation of the Gladiators TV series.

The TASSC enable franchisee to designed a program from ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP for specific sports to either prepare individuals or a team in any competition, tapering or simply off-season training.

David Murray training franchisee on how to combine those workout under the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP training for specific sports.

After the first section, Chief Brabon presented Section 2 of the Tactical Advantage Sports Specific Science Certification. The detail is of course.. a trade secret.

We had a few short breaks before continuing with the next item on the program.

Mark Batros, the licensee for Bukit Jelutong, Malaysia... enjoying his 3rd serving....

Master Trainer Duncan chatting with Patrick....

 Mark Batros... eating again..

The third speaker for the day was Katrina Murray whom presented the SEAL PUPS, Children Fitness Certification. Katrina Murray was a former national level Gymnast and coach and is now the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP SEAL PUPS Coordinator. Katrina Murray bring with her over 20 years of experience in the enhancement of children's health and fitness through her career as a physical Education teacher (primary & secondary), Health Education & Science, and as the Head of Sports at some of Melbourne most respected schools. Katrina Murray holds a Bachelor of Education degree in Physical Education and is a qualified Exercise Physiologist. She is passionate in influencing physical activity programs that not only allow children to developed their fitness but also the children self esteem and life long commitment to healthier lifestyle.

We had another short break... and Sarge Dann took the opportunity to re-charge himself...

 Rob Coad showered him with some Coca-cola... but Dann slept through it... 

After having a good laugh at Dann, I went out for a cigarette... alone!! I am an extinct species at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Australia. Somehow, its either they were very secretive.. but nobody at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Australia that smokes...

I had to explained a few time to others that I smoke to attract smokers population to join the bootcamp but they didnt buy it...

After the short break.... EXAM!!!

There were two "exams" for us to take today!! First, was the Tactical Advantage Sports Specific Science certicate and secondly, exam for the Seal Pups.

We were given less than half an hour each to complete the 'exam'....

Everybody was very busy doing their exam.... (see pic below)

and I was busy camwhoring everybody.... After the 'exam'.... Chief Brabon & Gunny Emily made a few announcements...

The first announcement was the promotion of instructors. The first was Danny Stephens whom was promoted from Sargent to Staff Sargent (senior instructor).


Then it was... Err... cant remember his name too.... I only remember he was the most talkative.

 but Congratulation........

The third was Clarissa Wilson. She was promoted from Sargent to Staff Sargent (senior instructor).

 The next instructor that was promoted was..... Err.. Mmm... damn... cannot remember his name too...

All instructors (including Malaysia) are assessed and re-assessed only by Chief Brabon & Gunny Emily to ensure a standard competency of the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP worldwide. On behalf of ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama Malaysia, we congratulate all newly promoted instructors.

After announcing the promotion, Chief Brabon & Gunny Emily announced the recipients of various award.

The first award was the ROOKIE INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR... and the winner was CLINT SELLEN.

SECOND AWARD was for the LEAD INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR that went to ROB COAD!!! Rob is the most popular instructor at ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP. Rob Coad was also the franchisee responsible to bringing the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP to Malaysia

The third award was for the 2010 Asia Pacific Franchise of the Year that was won by the OBC MANLY & NORTH SYDNEY franchise.

The ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP MALAYSIA @ Bandar Utama wishes all winners CONGRATULATION & THE BEST OF LUCK in all future endeavor.

See you 5am tomorrow for the killer SPEC OPS training & assessment... !! (oh my god!!)

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