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Daing Daniel Fitri or SARGE DANN, the lead instructor at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP MALAYSIA at Bandar Utama is the first Malaysian to attempt the HELL WEEK, the toughest course under the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP program. The participation to the Hell Week is by INVITATION ONLY. I was invited too but regretfully had to postpone to next year having already spend time away from work to attend the 2010 ASIA PACIFIC ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP CONFERENCE that ended a day before the HELL WEEK (sorry Chief, Em).

The Hell Week starts at 5am before sunrise... in the dark... in winter... with temperature approximately 5 degree!!! Only Chief, Gunny and a few instructors are qualified to instruct the Hell Week. Similar to other ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP program, every instructors are assessed and re-assessed to ensure of their competency and quality. Instructor for the Hell Week are of the fittest... they are easily recognizable by their exclusive Black Hell Week Tshirt. Those that survived the Hell Week will be honored with a Grey Hell-Week T'shirt in a special BBQ-Grad party.. Yess Dann... you should attend if you survived the Hell-Week... you deserve it!!

The followings are SNAP-SHOTS of Sarge Dann's first day at in HELL....

Sarge Dann passed the first day in hell... and also the second day!!! but there were no pictures after the 1st day since I am back in Malaysia... but one thing i learn from the Spec Ops and Hell Week... hell is freezing cold!!

Good luck Dann.. 2 days down. 3 more to go...... All the best from all of us at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP MALAYSIA @ Bandar Utama


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