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All lead-instructors and franchisee of the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP worldwide will gather in Sydney from the 20 August 2010 to the 23 August 2010 for a global training, assessment and certification on Corps Training, Tactical Advantage, Spec Ops, Grinder and Tactical  Conditioning Bag training.

The ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP annual conference is compulsory for instructors and franchisee to be competent in delivering the best quality service to recruits. The OBC representatives are expected to be fully occupied from as early as 5am to late evening from the first day of their arrival. 

Sarge Dann and me will represent the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP MALAYSIA @ Bandar Utama at the conference. The summary of the conference itinerary is as follows :


  • Certificate I in Military Fitness Instruction (Up-skilling for current Instructors)

  • Bootcamp Participation: Delegates will be joining the Coogee Beach Pre-Dawn platoon for their Day 12 workout
  • Administration Training: Lead by OBC’s Director of Operations - Gunny Emily Brabon
  • Media & Public Relations Training: Lead by OBC’s PR Manager - Bec Attenborough
  • Social Networking & Guerilla Marketing: Lead by Fitness Marketing Guru – Justin Tamsett
  • Introduction to the new Gladiator Diet: Lead by Chief & Gunny Emily


  • Coastal Run: A 12km run along some of the most breathtaking coastline in the world, from Coogee to Bondi & back.
  • Tactical Advantage Certification (Sports Specific Training): Lead by highly respected AFL Strength & Conditioning Coach – Dave Murray
  • SEAL Pups Certification (Kids Fitness): Lead by Physiologist, and Children’s Health Expert – Katrina Murray
  • 2010 ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Awards Dinner 


  • SpecOps Certification (Adventure Training): Lead by Chief & Members of Australia’s Elite Special Forces (we could tell you their names, but then we’d have to kill you).
  • Grinder Certification (30mins Hard & Fast): Lead by Chief & Gunny
  • BBQ & Presentations

My involvement will end at the conference but Sarge Dann, will stay back to participate in the HELLS WEEK. The Hells Week is the toughest course offered under the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP and participant is ONLY BY INVITATION. 

HELL WEEKS- MONDAY 23rd to FRIDAY 27th - 0530 to 0700: Boat Crews will be hitting the beach at both Coogee & Clovelly. 

If Sarge Dann survived the Hells Week, he will graduate on:SATURDAY 28th - 0600 to 0800: A 2 hour ‘graduation’ session in the towering sand dunes of Wanda Beach. Those that survive will be awarded their coveted Hell Week™ T-Shirts over a celebratory breakfast.

If Sarge Dann fail to complete..... OBC-BU will be waiting for his return with a 'surprise'.


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  1. Oh, Sarge Dann will definitely 'survive' the Hells Week, that we r very confident.
    Have a great trip, Armin.

  2. all the best Sarge Dann..and safe flight u 2

  3. Doc,
    Thanks for the well wishes Doc.... WIll convey it to Sarge Dann.. but i dont know hell is frozen cold... ??

    The flight was safe... we are safe but the cold weather is killing us.......... :-s


Stay Tuned~


both, mystorymag
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