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DAY 3 at Hell Week, Sydney.... It gets tougher every day at Hell Week.

Activities on Day 2 in Hell,  includes almost 1 km of tyre drag (more like 2x laps of 400meter). The platoon was then divided into 5 pax per team carrying one team member into and out of the ice-cold water and walked 10 steps to dropped unto one knee for 4 sets (still carrying one team member) and repeated until all team members were carried into and out of the water and dropping on one knee for the whole 4 sets. Other kick-ass activities were drag & swap team mates and sea-shore workout with 40 reps of pushups, flutter kicks and situps. These workouts were performed in the water by the shore and the waves almost choked Sarge Dann. Shivering in cold, the day ended with 40 grunts and 2 huge laps running in the sand by the beach. 

Day 3 was hell in hell...

Day 3 in Hell includes endless Piggy-back the partner, carrying the boat into water.. swim with the boat in the water and jump unto the boat and paddle the boat back to the shore and lift it again to the starting point. As if that swim with boat was not enough... everybody had to jump back into the water and swim for another.. 50 meter? and back into various other circuit.....

and this is not yet the peak of the Hell week. So far there is One dropout but other Hell-Week-er are still standing strong.

Will Sarge Dann survived the toughest program at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP and be the first Malaysian to graduate with honor?

Stay tune for Day 4 in Hell Week. Sarge Dann..... make Malaysia and ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP MALAYSIA proud...


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