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7 August 2010. Olympic Sports Arena, OCM Indoor Sports Complex. Aaraf Eid Pahamin Armin registered alongside 10 other participants from the DDF Taekwondo Academy to compete in the 2nd Gewinn League Taekwondo Championship.

This was Aaraf's second Taekwondo competition. The first competition that Aaraf compete was during the 5th Koko Crunch Junior Taekwondo championship in April 2010. As we arrived, we met Aaraf's previous opponent Putra Danial. Putra age 11, although very young but was very polite. He came to us and shook our hand. Putra Danial is a good fighter and had won various medals in previous competition. We wish him well for today's competition.

 The participants from DDF Taekwondo Academy are as follows:

1) Alya Farzana (Batam wieght)
2) Aaraf Eid Pahamin (Heavy Weight)
3) Darwish Khairiel (Feather Weight)
4) Muhd Amar Sofyian (Light Middle)
5) Dinesh Lingam (Light Weight)
6) Aqfar Naeem Abu Lais (Welter weight)
7) Ahmad Hadif (Welter Weight)
8) Muhd Afeeq Azam (Heavy Weight)
9) Muhd Nadzhirul Haizi (Light Heavy)
10) Erni Qistina Azam (Batam)

I only brought the small Canon digital Ixus 75 and could not capture many of the fighting scene.... The camera was too slow.


Darwish fought well but lost a teeth from a kick to the face. 

Aqfar Naeem too fought well but lost one point when he was slow to slide back and kick.

 Ahmad Hadif panicked at the start of the match but he too fought well and won the first match.

 Anusyia Siva Subramaniam and David Lingam came to support their son's Dinesh Lingam first taekwondo competition.

Dinesh had never participated but fought well for a first timer although he did not win.

Dato Ahmad Fadzil Mohamad came with his wife Datin Azura and three children to support his eldest son Ahmad Hadif compete .

Ahmad Hadif is Aaraf's schoolmate at the Garden International School.

Aaraf was intimidated by the size and the fierce look of his opponent and did not make any attempt to retaliate. Fortunately, his opponent too was not good and did not leave Aaraf with any bruises.

Aaraf lost the second match and lost the Silver medal.

I missed out many photo-shoot when the camera was too slow to capture and as well as being distracted by a gangster coach.. click here.

Winners from DDF Taekwondo Academy in the 2nd Gewinn league, Dragon Championship 2010 are as follows:

1) Aaraf Eid Pahamin (Bronze)
2) Muhd Amar Sofyan (GOLD)
3) Ahmad Hadif (Silver)
4) Muhd Afeeq Azam (GOLD)
5) Muhd Nadzhirul Haizi (GOLD)
6) Erni Qistina Azman (Silver)

Congratulation to all the winners from DDF Taekwondo Academy and Well Done to Master Daing Daniel Fitri for 3 GOLD MEDALS, 2 SILVERS AND 1 BRONZE.


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