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I always thought I am a freak waking up in an ungodly hour to attend the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP three times a week but if I am a freak then the majority of people in Cambodia too must be of my species!!

The roadside and at every park in the city of Phnom Pehn are pack with dozens of 'bootcamp' as early as 5am!!! I was amazed at how everybody came out to exercise 'outdoor' so early in the morning before going to work.

There are a few outdoor HIP-HOP and R&B Dance Camp.........

Also available were the Aerobic Camp of sort.

Not one or two camps but a few Aerobic Camps

Reggae camp!!!!

There are also TAEKWONDO camp!!!

and also some KUNG FU or (Silat Kipas???) camp?

Traditional Khmer Dance Camp!!!!!!!


Beside the dozens of camps, there are also people playing badminton, football and sepak takraw!!! Most of the morning activities ended by 7am. By 7:15am everybody had presumably gone to work.

But in the evening after office hour between 5pm to 10pm.... Everybody are out again by the street playing various kind of outdoor sports, games and 'bootcamp'!!!!

Outdoor sports and activities are not only the in-thing in Malaysia but also in Cambodia although the intensity is no where near the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP. Now I cant wait to be back at the Chief's Original Bootcamp Malaysia... Join me now, by registering at HERE.


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