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Garden International School charted another record with organising a funtabulous singing competition ala American idol having launched the first GIS PRIMARY POP IDOL in conjunction with the International Week to end the semester before the Easter break.

It was the first Pop Idol, singing competition since inception in 1951. A total of 84 students registered for the Singing Competition and the shortlisting for semi-finalist and finalist has been ongoing for the whole month. There were various criteria to shortlist the semi-finalists and finalists. Today, 7 April 2011, is D-day to vote for the winner!!! 

A few weeks ago, the three best friends Aaraf Armin, Jishern Yuen and Sumhaer went to the GIS Office and registered themselves for the competition without even discussing with the parents. We are very proud to see our 8-9 years old children making their own decision and choosing their own interest without our intervention and of course, we are very supportive and further encourage them. From the 85 students competing, 8 were selected (or was it voted) to the Finals. There will be three winners from the 8 finalists, the Grand Hall was prepared to receive students and guests.

All three of them Aaraf Armin, Jishern Yuen and Sumhaer went and practice their singing professionally with RAMON MADRILEJOS from the Singing Shop in Desa Sri Hartamas. Ramon Madrilejos was responsible for the kids choreography, lyrics, song selection and instrumental.The three kids was selected into semi-finals impromptu without any practice and was only informed three days before the actual event. Ramon only had three lessons to prepare the kids for the finals. The children practice and sang their heart out during the rehearsal and was confident that they will win.

Garden International School Grand Hall, the venue for the GIS POP idol Finalists

Aaraf Armin, Jishern Yuen & Sumhaer ('s) guests were amongst the very first few to arrive.

Finalists were seated and awaits their turn to show-off their talent.

Within minutes, the Grand Hall was packed with students, guests and teachers.

There were 4 judges... Simon Cowel, Randy jackson, Paula Abdul, Jennifer Lopez...? Eh.. I mean, 
Ms Larrisa Horlor(5P- teacher), Ms Rochelle Canterbury( Learning Support teacher), Joshua Guo (student-6L), Waila Wikaira ( student- 6L)

The Show was about to began....

1) Naomi (5L)

2) Sofia Mascheryakova (6G), Amira Pavlovic (6G)

3) An Minh (6L)

4) Rien

5) Jigs Santos (6I)

6) Hanna Baek

7) Aaraf Armin (3W), Jishern Yuen (3W), Sumhaer(3W)

8) Haziq (6L)

The masters of ceremony (MC) were Bhavika Chawla(6G) & Arman Nabavieh(6G)

Aaraf Armin, Jishern Yuen and Sumhaer were the youngest and the only students from Year 3. Their class teacher, Ms Carlie Bassett was very proud.

Mr Ian Ward on behalf of the judges and organisers explained the selection criterias for the SEMI-FINALS being:

1) The song must include at least TWO languages- at least either a chorus or verse in a second language would be acceptable

2) Singers must provide a backing track (the music) of the song for the semi-final stage (sort of a minus-one). It cannot have anyone else singing the words

3) Must have some movement or action to give a 'stage presence' and help engage the audience.

The Masters of Ceremony!!

The first Contestant

The audience was amazed at the kids talents... 

Aaraf Class teacher Ms Carlie Bassett impatiently waiting for her students to perform

Second Contestant

Third Contestant

Fourth Contestant

Fifth Contestant


Sixth Contestant

Seven Contestant was
Aaraf Armin (3W), Jishern Yuen (3W), Sumhaer (3W)

Sumhaer, Jishern Yuen & Aaraf Armin

Eight Contestant

Haziq was the last contestant!! The judges had a difficult time choosing and selecting the winner. Everybody was so good and talented.

The audience waited impatiently to know the winner.....

The selection criterias for the FINALS were based on:

1) How the contestant stand

2) Movement & action during the song.. "Stage Presence' and to engage the audience.

3) What the contestants wear during the competition..

4) How the ending of the performance. (showmanship)

The ANNOUNCEMENT were made...

third placing.. 

Second placing...


All the 84 contestants including the Semi-finalists and finalists were gathered on stage.

The Winners... from left:
Haziq, Jigs Santos, Jishern Yuen, Aaraf Armin & Sumhaer


The End

p/s Stay tune!!! ........... for the Video!!!!
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