(*Pics from library and internet)

Rain, Hail or Shine.... public holiday, weekdays or weekend.. training at the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP was never halted and stopped. Infact, instructors without any remorse were there at the training field as early as 5am. Me.. I arrived 2 minutes before the roll-call Phewww...

Its been awhile since we last had our session under a good downpour in a muddy football field and that was today's special!! a good shower & mud spa!! but what was lacking was a good massage... Why? because today's session aches the legs, abs, shoulder and chest with the Crazy Arse Complexes Focus!!! Uuh say what? yes you heard it right, we had the Crazy Arse Complexes Focus that began with a focus in LEGS!!

For legs.. we had the Thruster with Rifle, Overhead Squat with Rifle, Jump Squat with rifle and Pike Squat!!!! Painful was an understatement.. Crazy but true.. legs went numb and it felt as if we were breathing under water. Every workout was done in speed non-stop for 25 seconds with only 5 seconds rest inbetween workout. The whole circuit was repeated for an agonizing 3 sets before moving on to the UPPER BODY. When I felt exhausted, Joe Liew was going strong.. probably mentally preparing to go to war at SASUKE CHALLENGE!!

For Upper Body, we had the Hindu Pushup with hands on rifle, deep pushups with hands on rifle, standing chest press with rifle, overhead chest press with rifle. The shoulder & chest was breath-taking but better than the leg workout.The target was to complete as many repetitions within 25 seconds with 5 seconds rest inbetween workout for 3 sets. For once, Farhanah Bamadhaj's voice was so prominent... when we had 'time-added' because of...... err.... STALLion!!! Adibah Mohamad whom was beside me was so quiet probably focussing her entire energy for best form & repetitions... Singaporean! Kiasu.. :-p

Finally.. my favourite.. the abs 6-pack workout that began with jacknives on rifle, then the ankle tap with rifle, Getup-situps with rifle and flutter kicks with rifle. I can feel the 6 pack swimming out through the thin layer of fat..

For FULL BODY workout, we had the Grunts with rifle, Thruster with Rifle, Burpettes and Frogs. The complex was repeated for 3 sets with only 1 minute recovery between sets.

Today's workout in the rain redefines the meaning of Orgasm! Breathless, drown in sweat, tired but awesome!!! I wonder how long will it take to gained back the stamina & fitness that was lost from almost 1 month of training inconsistency. If you had just started your training or have been training, be consistent otherwise all the momentum gained will be lost and put to waste.


P/s- now thinking if there is any energy left to go for CHIEF'S BOOTCAMP @ Damansara Heights this evening at 6:45pm.. Mmm....