Birds of a feather flocks together. When recruits at the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP run any events, they run together. Months ago, Daing Daniel Fitri, Ody Nurfuadi Ruzalli, James Fong, Chan Meng Yam,  Joe Liew, Lilian Lee, Joanitta Zaleha Yusoff, Noor A. Othman, Norliza Abdul Khaled, John Chuah, Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Nawal Aini Zulkifli registered themselves for the 2XU 12km run in Singapore.

These Runners left for Singapore to run the 2XU 12km race as early as 3 days before the actual event that is scheduled on 10 April 2011. The last batch to leave for Singapore was led by Daing Daniel Fitri whom left after the USJ1, Chief ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP ALPHA platoon session 6 training.

Those that left a few days earlier was Virgin Runners Chan Meng Yam and Kiasu Runner Lilian Lee whom had just recovered from injury, Joe Liew & James Fong and serious runners Joanitta Zaleha Yusoff and Noor A. Othman. Some left earlier to carbo load and some left earlier to go shopping!!!

Left: Lilian Lee, Joanitta, Chan Meng Yam, James Fong, Joe Liew

(Left Picture) Lilian Lee, Joanitta Zaleha Yusoff, Chan Meng Yam shopping!!! While James Fong & Joe Liew... CARBO LOADING!!!

Beside sharing the passion for Health & Fitness at the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, we also share the same passion for running & camwhoring and we .. err this bunch also share the same passion for EATING & SHOPPING!!

and so they shop!!! 
all bought the latest Newton & Vibram KOMODOSport!

 and they eat...

James Fong & Mek Chan Meng Yam
Joanitta Zaleha Yusoff and .. err burger?
Larry Lilian Lee
After finishing all shopping, camwhoring, eating..... finally, its time for running!! 

Ody Checking out Joe's belly button??? aiiiks?

Noor A. Othman
 Warming up...

CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC), Malaysia Lead-Instructor for BANDAR UTAMA, SUBANG JAYA USJ1 and Damansara heights, SARGE (COBC) DANN with LC (COBC) ODY, COBC instructor for SEAL PUPS.

Sarge (COBC) Dann & LC (COBC) Ody running in the new CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP running vest for trainers in red, ladies in pink and grey colour for runners from the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP.

While these Birds flocks together...... I joined UNCLE JOHN CHUAH whom happily register but ran the race on FACEBOOK instead. Well.. its Malaysian Culture to follow the lead by the older people... *Wink.

Everybody completed the race within the cut-off time and received a Finisher medal... 

SARGE DANN, Daing Daniel Fitri, lead Instructor at the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, completed the race in 58 Minutes!!!

James Fong 1:03
Norliza Abd Khaled 1:05
 Joe Liew 1:06
Joanitta Zaleha Yusoff 1:12
Ody Nurfuadi  Ruzalli 1:14
Lilian Lee 1:20
Noor A. Othman 1:16
Chan Meng Yam - 1:26

 Chief's HUNKS??!!

 CHIEF'S errr..... Cartoon?

While many run the 2XU race, CHIEF's recruit Ilyanna Aylin Ayob, race the PARIS MARATHON solo and recorded her PERSONAL BEST (PB) having completed the race in 4:53:26 slashing her previous PB BY 26 MINUTES!!!

Whatever your target is... lose weight, better speed or just simple a HOT ASS.... join the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP!!!

Well Done & Congratulation!!