After working our under a heavy downpour this morning at BU-Alpha, I wished DH-Zulu trial session at Damansara Heights too had that pleasure of training in the rain... not for anything else but because I want them to feel what I had to endure this morning especially to those BU recruits whom thought they can escape the rain this morning.

True enough... my wish came true!! It rain and the field was flooded at the second CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, at Damansara Heights' trial session today. After happily overslept and escape the heavy-rain 5:45am alpha platoon session at Bandar Utama, this women Shear Ling Toh came to Damansara Heights, DH-Zulu Platoon with an umbrella!! AN UMBRELLA!!! Can you beat that? Someone came to DH-ZULU for bootcamp using an umbrella...... With us today, we had Super Kiasu Joannita Zaleha Yusoff, Shy-Guy Noor A. Othman, Mek Chan Meng Yam, Chiing LING Shear Ling, Lizza Abdul Rahim, Mt Kinabalu Climber Fatintafrina Mohd Tareh, Jeremy Liew, Jun King, Lilian Lee, Mariam, Shaz Sabri, Noraa etc...

Noraa & LIzza Abdul Rahim

 Siti Balqis, Shaz Sabri, Orange, Noraa, Lizza Abdul Rahim

 Heather in blue..

Hah!!! Caught in action!!!! Someone...... stallion STALLING!! 
as in...

Instructors demonstrating a workout...

Just because I camwhore someone 'STALLING', someone rubbed me with mud!!!! 

Jun King really enjoyed the mud.. 

Heather & Friends...

Nothing felt better than a good 'shower' after a 'mud spa'

Someone almost pose 'topless'....

It is always good to shower topless until the paparazzi came...

Someone who was caught stalling, who rubbed mud on my shirt and almost caught on camera being almost topless was almost raped by her own bff.

Although many people had left immediately after the session, some of the newbies immediately get accustom to our CAMWHORING CULTURE post-workout!!