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Seven of us from the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama went up north to Ipoh to run on the memorable date 12.12 or 12 December. There were Lilian Lee, Joe Liew, Rose Emini Pahamin, Nyna Mohsen, Nawal Aini Zulkifli and me.... and Aaraf Armin.

Lilian Lee & Joe Liew went first and arrived in Ipoh at 3pm. Rose Emini Pahamin & Nyna Mohsen left abit later and arrived just-in-time to buy the famous popiah basah!! That famous popiah basah is open only from 5 to 7pm and is located near the Hotel that we stayed. Actually, that was why we stayed at that hotel. The journey to Bukit Kinding Resort where the race is held is a 30 minutes drive from the hotel. Trust Rose Emini Pahamin with FOOD!!

When we arrived in Ipoh, Rose Emini Pahamin & others were already ready in the car for... FOOD again!! We did not even check-in yet... I called Abdul Sidik Hamid for some good food recommendation and we were directed to..... NASI VANGGEY!!!!!

Within minutes..... all food were cleared!!! its called..... CARBO-LOADING!!!

After carbo-loading, we checked-in the hotel and slept... I was so exhausted from the Cambodian trip and knocked out the soonest the head touches the pillow. We woke up early the next day and left for Bukit Kinding Resort at 6:30am.

The journey to Bukit Kinding Resort was confusing.. we were lost and had to drive passed 3 kampung before a local re-directed us to the actual path and reached as the race was flagged off.

The race was organised by the Kelab Roadrunners Ipoh and this year was their 22nd year organising the race..

There was a good turnout although it was not as crowded.

The race was flagged-off at 7:30am sharp by an Exco member.. err name... i think something like Dato Mar??

I met an old friend Razlan Abdullah whom was the master of ceremony at the race. I knew Razlan Abdullah the Master of Ceremony for the Ironman Triathlon, Langkawi when I participated in the Ironman Triathlon a few years ago. 

Aaraf Pahamin waited impatiently for his mummy and aunty chique Rosey to arrived....

Approximately 1hour 20 minutes later.... Nawal Aini Zulkifli & Joe Liew was seen crossing the finishing line.....

Nawal Aini ran and pulled Aaraf to run with her to the finishing line.. (the topi-man blocked Nawal's picture Grrrr)

Joe Liew gave a thumbs up and a big HOOYAH!!! very good run..........

Nawal Aini Zulkifli.... 14th placing and is scheduled to get a trophy!!

Shortly later.. Lilian Lee was seen speeding to the finishing line..

 Rose Emini Pahamin!!!!! run rose run..............

NAWAL AINI ZULKIFLI...... 14th placing.....

NYNA MOHSEN..... completed her race although she was down with bad knee injury.. Well Done Nyna!!!!


NAWAL AINI RECEIVING HER 3rd TROPHY this year.. the first was during the EMKAY Go Green race at Damansara Perdana and second was the Klang New Balance pace-setter run where she got 9th placing..

It was a very hilly run.... it was a blessing in disguised for me to be Aaraf's nanny for the day. My knee wont be able to take the tough terrain.

On the way back, we stopby for FOOD at Laksamana Cheng Ho chinese restaurant..

The food was good!!! too good that we ate and finished all before I could even snap any photos. We drove back to KL and arrived just in time for me to leave to Melaka for an appointment. This will be another busy week for me before the closing of year 2010... 17 days counting down....

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