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3 December 2010!! THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY.... Its the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP monthly graduation party and this time its being held at TGI FRIDAYS... synonym with Thank God its Friday but really.. its Owh Sucks.. its Friday 3rd December 2010! it coincide with the PROTON EDAR ANNUAL DINNER 2010 at One World Hotel. I had to attend PROTON EDAR function first having being told that I will be seated at the main VVIP with Dato Seri Nadzmi Salleh, Dato Syed Zainal Abidin and the Proton Edar board members.

I was planning for an early escape at the Annual Dinner as I could not leave behind my fellow bootcampers which I too was suppose to give a speech and award their scrolls. I attended Proton Edar Annual Dinner at 6:30pm (Click HERE for that event)... and sadly could only leave until after 10:30pm after the departure of PROTON Chairman Dato Seri Nadzmi Salleh, PROTON Managing Director Dato Syed Zainal Abidin and Proton Edar Chief Executive Officer Mohamad Syukor Ibrahim. It is just so wrong to leave the main table before the Guests of honor. Abdul Sidik Hamid, Proton Edar General Manager knew how particular I am with protocol and the only way to keep me at a function from start to end was by having me on the main table. Otherwise, I would disappear the moment an event started.

The theme for the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Graduation Party was 'Hats on.....' Everybody came in a hat.. some in fancy hat, some with cute adorable hat and some in boring baseball cap but nonetheless, everbody was in hat. During my absent, the pictures below was what I missed..

but more importantly, what I wanted to say during my speech at the Graduation party was this...

Fellow recruits and instructors,

It has been 6 months since the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ BANDAR UTAMA was established and in that 6 month, we have had a total accumulated 368 recruits that had graduated todate. From the 368 recruits, 18 recruits were the pioneer members. Before I began my 'lecture' (as how Madam Yam labelled me as 'Head Master'), I want to express my deepest appreciation to everybody that had supported the network. On behalf of Chief Brabon the founder of the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP and the whole team from BANDAR UTAMA, the word THANK YOU is just not sufficient to express our gratitude.

We would like to record our deepest gratitude especially to the pioneer members, in particular:

1) John Chuah
2) Lizza Abdul Rahim
3) James Fong
4) Chan Meng Yam
5) Shear Ling Toh
6) Viki Lim
7) Pooi Ching Khiew
8) Joe Liew
9) Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor
10) Raja Affandi Raja Jamaluddin
11) Norliza Mohd Khalid
12) Afiza Abdul Halin
13) Adibah Mohamad
14) Erny Marlina Mohsen
15) Fatintafrina Mohd Tareh
16) Freda Liu
17) John Ong
18) Suriana Saiful Yazan 
19) Lilian Lee
20) Ilyanna Aylin Ayob

I would also like to record mine & Dr Malek Aziz's deepest appreciation to Sarge Dann, Corporal Chun, Corporal Jasper, Corporal Nawal, Corporal Sandy, Corporal Erny being our pioneer instructors as well as Rose Emini Pahamin and Farhanah Bamadhaj being our admin from Day 1. Most of them do it voluntarily out of their own passion for fitness and health.. if only you know how much they are paid to be instructors rain, hail or shine...!!!  Thats why Sarge Dann's can only afford a brand new Volkswagen Scirocco. I would also like to welcome CORPORAL TOM as a new team member.

November and October was an extra special month.. Why? because 38 of us participated in an EIGHT Week dietary & exercise Challenge. The 8 Week Challenge was a journey that brought us all closer and more importantly, re-branded our physical appearances, outlook and lifestyle. I would like to personally congratulate JAMES FONG that made it to the Final. James Fong made us all at OBC-BU proud!! but a bigger congratulation to everybody for the support, discipline and especially the 'brand' new look... which was timely for christmas and the new year.. that is provided that we do not gained back the lost inches in the next few weeks.

Some of us at OBC-BU broke their Virgin with us... I mean the running-virgin and ran the Penang Bridge Marathons and some runners gained their personal best timing. The bootcampers is not just a platform that transformed us with new spirit but it is also a platform that share various experiences together as one big family. Through this spirit, last month we all became a NUDE... eh NERD.. and Geek.. footballer with World Cup theme, rugged in white and denim and traditional with Hari Raya in conjunction with the eid celebration. We instilled in us the spirit of 'sportsmanship' and build the confidence & positiveness to live our life to the maximum.

Today is another example of that fun & jolly spirit... look at all of you.. looking so good in those hat... Hats off to everybody...... GIVE ME A BIG HUGE HOOYAH in the count of 3.....2.......1...


Lizza Abdul Rahim

Dr Malek Aziz

Hamidi Hassan
Farhanah Bamadhaj
Nawal Aini Zulkifli
Norliza Mohd Khalid
Azlan Ramli
Corporal Tom
ILyanna Aylin Ayob
Adibah Mohamad
Marlene Kandler
Shear Ling Toh
Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor
Lilian Lee
Raja Affandi Raja Jamluddin & Syed Adabi
Nyna Mohsen & Suriana Saiful Yazan
Rose Emini Pahamin, Nyna MOhsen & Suriana Saiful Yazan
Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor and.... ehem ehem..
Azlan Ramli &.. ehem ehem....
Bahariah Bahadom & Ilyanna Aylin Ayob
Daing Daniel Fitri & Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor
Chun Chia Kai
Diana & Afiza Abdul Halin
Rose Emini Pahamin & Afiza Abdul Halin
John Chuah and.. ehem ehem
Marlene Kandler

Nyna Mohsen
Nawal Aini Zulkifli & Farhanah Bamadhaj
Corporal Chun
Hamidi Hassan & Lizza Abdul Rahim

Hani Hussein

Suriana Saiful Yazan
Ilyanna Aylin Ayob
Pooi Ching Khiew & Ilyanna Aylin Ayob
Chan Meng Yam & Shear Ling Toh
King James Fong and Ryan Wong
James Fong & Chan Meng Yam

Fatintafrina Mohd Tareh

Lilian Lee
 Farhanah Bamadhaj then made the announcement for the Ace Recipients.. What is an ACE? to find our more, click HERE. The ACE recipients for NOVEMBER were:

Farhanah Bamadhaj

Farhanah Bamadhaj called on Dr Malek Aziz, Sarge Dann & all instructors to give out the scrolls and award starting with the ACE recipients...

The list of ACE - recipients for NOVEMBER-Alpha were:
1) Armin Baniaz Pahamin (yessssssss me!!!)2) Farhanah Bamadhaj
3) Joannita Zaleha
4) Joe Liew
5) LC
6) Yvonne Ling Sze Chen
7) Lizza Abdul Rahim
8) Dr Malek Aziz
9) Yun
10) Chan Meng Yam
11) James Fong
12) Adibah Mohamad

The November ACE recipients for Bravo were:
1) Afiza Abdul Halin
2) Dyan Dominique Jen
3) Khiew Pooi Ching
4) Raja Affandi Raja Mansor
5) Rose Emini Pahamin
6) Lilian Lee

Stay tune... for the Hall of ACE updates..

Finally, the SPIRIT OF BOOTCAMP. What is the SOB or the SPIRIT OF BOOTCAMP AWARD? Click HERE for details:

Everybody waited impatiently for the announcement...

The SPIRIT OF BOOTCAMP award for November ALPHA goes to...





What I also missed during that period was the surprise birthday party for AARAF EID PAHAMIN... Whom will be celebrating his birthday on 10 December 2010.

SNAPSHOTS at the function...

Armin Baniaz Pahamin & Daing Daniel Fitri

Stay Tune for December graduation & Christmas celebration.........

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