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Recruits at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ BU/USJ1 had become an adrenaline addict and could not stop running running races!!! Those that ran the MALAKOFF 12km race on 19 December 2010  were John Chuah, Joe Liew, Chun Chia Kai, Joannita Zaleha Yusof and Wong Siew Peng, Freda Liu and Jun King. Others did not participate as most of them came for Aaraf's 8th Bootcamp Birthday party.

Joe Liew completed his 12km run in 1 hour 4 minutes..

Joe Liew whom was a runner-virgin began running after joining the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ BU/USJ1... Joe Liew is also a Virgin BLOGGER.. Click HERE for his blog.

The Malakoff race was Joe Liew's 6 races this year.

Joannita Zaleha Yusof, a virgin runner ran her first race and completed it in 1 HOUR 4 minutes..!!!

For a virgin runner.. that is a fabulous timing!!
 Jun King completed his first 7km run in 55 minutes. 

John Chuah ran his 4th and final race for year 2010 and clocked 1 hour 20 minutes at the Malakoff 12km today. John Chuah could not even run earlier this year but completed 4 running races with honour.

Next year, John Chuah will target to complete his first 21km run...

Wong Siew Peng

After the MALAKOFF RACE, everybody came to celebrate AARAF'S BIRTHDAY PARTY.....
and we celebrate their fabulous timing!!! and

One trait that is very prominent at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ BU & USJ1 is the fact that everybody are now addicted to bootcamp, running & camwhoring!!


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