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My great grandmother fell ill and was admitted at the MILITARY HOSPITAL TUANKU MIZAN  in Wangsa Maju. My Great Granny had a pair, my grandmother past away a few years ago for diabetic and my grand uncle, Lt Gen (R) Dato Sri Daud Abu Bakar... hence why she is at the Military Hospital.

Everybody else except for me & Melor Edina Pahamin are in oversea. Even my driver is on a 2 months break oversea. Dad is in Los Angeles, USA, Mum in Perth, Australia and my one & only older sister Chempaka Emalin Pahamin in Taiwan? or was it China? it is hard to keep track of everyone's whereabout except via the BBM. Teratai Edithy Pahamin & Amnan Bazli Pahamin are both in London. Melor Edina Pahamin had gone to visit our great granny earlier and that left me alone.. that have not done my visitation. I rushed to the Hospital at the earliest opportunity. I drove alone to Wangsa Maju, a territory that is alien to me and safely (meaning without getting lost) arrived at the Military Hospital to find the place... err sort of abandoned?

The hospital was huge.. as big as University Hospital Kuala Lumpur but there were no human being at sight. There was one solder at the main entrance but totally empty inside the compound. I was lost without any bearing of where to head. Even the main lobby was empty without any receptionist.

I read and followed the sign to Ward Wanita to find my great granny...

After half an hour of getting lost without anyone at sight to ask for direction, I finally found the entrance to Wad Wanita. The entrance was locked and I rang the bell 6 times and waited before one nurse came to open the door.

Then I was struck by the obvious... I did not know my great granny's name.. We only called her by nickname. I look at the nurse in confusion but quickly said to her..... "I.. Err.. saya nak jumpa Moyang saya.. tapi saya tak tau nama dia.... (I want to visit my great granny.. but I do not know her name!!???)"

The Nurse stare at me in blank... I look at her too.. in blank.... thinking.... "sh*#t.. how to described my great granny...". Then I look at the Nurse... and said... "Do you have any patient here that is older than 100 years old?" I figured they wont have many patient as old as that.

"Aah Yes.... You mean Zainab something", said the Nurse..

"Hah... that must be it!!", I smiled at the nurse..... as she brought me to Room 26.

True enough... Its her room alright. I saw my great grandmother lying in bed helplessly. Melor Edina whom came earlier said great-granny was crying in pain when Melor arrived. I reckon Great-granny was sedated. I hold her hand and brushed her hair and tried to speak to her but without any response.

Great-granny looked so fragile and weak. She should be 110 years old this year if not older. There were no one with her except for her maid. I made myself comfortable on the sofa and fell asleep for more than an hour. When I woke up, she was still asleep and I could not wait for her to wake up and left the hospital.

My great-granny was so lonely. There were no one else that came to visit her.  The journey back home was quite challenging.. I cant remember which route I took.. but after being lost for 1 hour,  I finally found the direction to DUKE Highway.

Now, cant stop thinking of my poor Great Granny...With her around, we currently have 5 living generations. Now how does this work.. Moyang, anak-anak, cucu-cucu, cicit-cicit.. then? ciut-ciut? after that supposedly ciut ciut..? ciak-ciak? ......???

I shall look and search for the name too..


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