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Volley Ball court @ BU 3/1 Sports Compplex, our bootcamp training ground was converted into a party area
Aaraf Eid Pahamin Armin Baniaz aka Aaraf Armin turned 8 years old on 10 December 2010 but the only dates that was available to celebrate Aaraf Armin's birthday was on 19th December 2010. While thinking of a theme for the party, darling Sista Melor Edina Pahamin threw the best idea in all her 35 years of life... the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP!! Yes.. it was MELOR EDINA PAHAMIN that first mooted the idea.. she and all my family knew how fanatical we are over the Military inspired, Group Outdoor Personal training high intensity program!!

It was 8 days before the actual event and although it was a last minute motion, I quickly agree... As there is no better time too celebrate the birthday than to do it together with the soft-launching of the much awaited "Seal Pulps" or the Original Bootcamp for kids and the soft-launch of the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP new logo to the "Chief's Original Bootcamp" in conjunction with the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP's 20th Anniversary.

Everything now bears the Chief's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (OBC) new logo.... The Chief's OBC Tee was only ready at 3 am the morning of the event. It was delivered at our house at 4 in the morning. The contractors worked to fix the tent all night to convert the Bandar Utama BU3/1, Multi-purpose Sports area, Volley Ball into a 100 seater food and party area. The caterer was cooking our east coast exotic sinful food until morning to make sure it was served hot and fresh. 

Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Rose Emini Pahamin, Sarge Dann & Ody Nurfuadi left the house and was at the battle-field as early as 6:00am.

We even rented an inflatable castle...

Party place were prepared & decorated...

Door-Gift was prepared for the kids... 

TABLES WERE DECORATED with soldiers & army..
Every table was decorated with toy soldiers to 
depict military-inspired

 BY 8:00AM guests started arriving...

Anushia Siva Subramaniam, the person that first introduce to me the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP fifteen months ago.

Since then, she opted for 'optional' 'voluntary' retirement?

There were more than 100 guests and 50 children.. There were Aaraf Eid Pahamin, Rafel Zichry Onn, Raina Edlynn Jasmine, Raiqa Hanim Jasmine, Raisa Myrin Jasmine, Kasih Iris Leona, Andika Rees Pahamin, Aliff Mikail, Alisa Maisarah, Aneeta Lingam, Dinesh Lingam, Nazzrul Afiq, Adam Amri, Iwan Amri, Abdul Matin Shah Sepeia, Nor Marrissa Alia, Akiff Norman, Nor Marcella Ayesha, Ashley Wong, Jayden Wong, Yap Way Jay, Yap Way Rin, Aryssa Sofea, Cavan Leong, Casan Leong, Raja Normaisara Iman, Raja Annatasia Mikyle, Akmal Ilham, Balqis Elmira, Emree Maleek, Kyra Sofea, Arissa Daania, Arish Mikael, Megat Abdul Rahman, Puteri Nur Maisarah, Mohammad Hariz, Muhammad Munir, Nurfarzanah, Farhan Qeizra, Fatihah Quzandrea, Sumhaer Singh, Daniel Adam and Minseo. Some of the children were from Aaraf's school at Garden International School and some were children of my friends and family members.

Mohammed Rhiza Ghazi.....

Pahamin A Rajab & Zainab Mohamad

Our Guest of Honour arrived in a sexy hot Aston Martin DB9...

The birthday boy's Grand Daddy & Grand mummy...

Nik Aidil Maria Nik Sapeia & Matin

The three M's.. Man Shah, Maria & Matin

Corporal Chun...
2 DJs & 6 high power speaker was installed and fix surrounding 
the area to create the best atmosphere

Ili Liyana Baharon

The three cousins...Rafel Zicry Onn, Aaraf Eid Pahamin, Andika Rees Pahamin

Look at the background.. Paparazzi!!!!

Ilyanna Aylin Ayob

Aaraf Armin & Nyna Mohsen

Viki Lim, Rose Emini Pahamin, Nawal Aini Zulkifli with the bootcamp childrens
Andika Rees Pahamin Azhar Sulaiman
Aaraf Eid Pahamin

Bootcamp babes.. Rose Emini Pahamin, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Ili Liyana Baharon, Nyna Mohsen..

Cheerful moment.. Ahmad Rafiq Zulkifli and his two children

Best Friend Forever.. BFF>>..... Rose Emini Pahamin 
& Nyna Mohsen

Birthday Boy's oldest aunt.. Chempaka Emalin Pahamin aka Aunty Long.

This is birthday boys second oldest Aunty.. Melor Edina Pahamin

When everybody arrived, they played a few games the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP STYLE.. aka the Seal Pups..

Click HERE for SEAL PUPS pictures & details.

There were so many paparazzis...

Some people wear red t'shirt.. and some wore red t'short

Everybody gathered for cake cutting and sing the birthday songs....


After Singing the Birthday songs... and the cake cutting and cake-EATING!!, we called oneverybody to gather at the field for a group photo taking....

The 'Group-Photo' taking was actually to 'TRICK' those that never tried bootcamp before.. especially the sista Chempaka Emalin Pahamin..

 When everybody gathered by the field... we guarded them and forced them to do "Cardio Cadence"........
 Again, Click on picture to enlarge...

After the first set of Cardio Cadence, Sarge Dann commanded every boys & girls, women and men to attack each other for a WATER BALLOON FIGHT!!!!!

We fought until the the last drop of water... Someone got me good.. and i got 'soomeone' even better!!! After the water balloon fight... before the event adjourned, we camwhore a little more..

The party ended around 12noon.....


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