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What differ one individual from another... was what I always observed in anybody that I met. When I was young and was attempting to complete my A'levels in 6 months, I observed how my uncle Azhar Mohamad whom was my room mate at Ealing, London, studied. Azhar Mohamad shaped up the way I study. He graduated with a high second class upper and completed his ACCA on first sitting. If there was one person that knew exactly what he wanted.. that was him. When I was growing up and had the worst moment with Leukaemia, my best friend then was Datuk Farid Ariffin. Although he was a cabinet minister and is 30 years older (maybe more), but we became the best of friend. He would called me to meet almost weekly for a cup of coffee and motivated me to go into business. These two gentlemen was my best friend and my idol when I was a teenager. They both share similar trait.... they have strong passion and knew exactly what they want in life.

As I grew up, I met more passionate people!! Passionate in their respective field. In my late teens, I befriended Anthony Robbin having attended his seminar 'Awaken the Giant within' and walked on fire!!! I learn that there is nothing that we cant achieve if we put our mind to it. In my 20s, I idolized my boss at the merchant bank Tan Choon Thye & Ho Weng Yu when I saw them as a walking encyclopedia in Corporate maneuvering & restructuring. I wanted to be them.. to know all and to know everything.

There are a whole list of people that I idolised and inspired with, in everything I do but that is a story for another occasion. Amongst the many, is my mentor in sports & fitness James Brabon or more popularly known as Chief Brabon from Australia. From a humble beginning as an infantry soldier, Chief had made a name by establishing his life passion in fitness and health into the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, a military inspired Group Outdoor Personal Training program. In less than a month, the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP will be celebrating its 20 years anniversary. It is not about paper-credentials that he has (because he has too many) but it is for his passion in fitness-training and led by example by ensuring he is always fitter & stronger than other trainer & even recruits.

To celebrate his ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP's 20th year anniversary next year, Chief Brabon will be attempting to break 5 world record in 5 days by running 210km in combat boots and differing levels of combat gear (from helmet and bulletproof vest, through differing weighted packs, to a gas mask).. thats 42.2km marathon everyday for 5 days in combat boots!! The event will be held in April 2011.

To also celebrate the 20th anniversary.. the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP’s Asian, South American and South African operations will be going through a rebranding phase.. with a new look, new equipments and even more advanced programming.

As of January 2011, all non-Australian based programs will now be known as CHIEF’S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP to further differentiate between our internationally recognised program, and that of our competitors.

For a start, I am pleased to display the new re-branded logo of CHIEF’S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP.

Malaysia’s first Military inspired bootcamp fitness program (non-military bootcamps have been seen in Malaysia since 2005), ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (OBC) was first brought to Malaysia in 2009 by a former Australian Soldier, Snr Sergeant Rob Coad, in collaboration with a Malaysian born, Australian based OBC Recruit. Though Snr Sergeant Coad has since shifted his focus to the 5 South Australian based OBC Franchises he owns, as well as his role as Regional Master Trainer for South-Eastern Australia. Though no longer a Licensee in Malaysia himself, Snr Sergeant Coad is still a Mentor and inspiration to all of OBC’s Malaysian Trainers.

Since taking Malaysia by storm, a number of similar programs have entered the market, attempting to imitate ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP’s world renowned formula, with many of them attempting to utilising the same catch-cries, terminology and methodology as OBC, and with one even implementing matching uniforms, and attempting to trade on ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP’s unequaled reputation by trading under a similar business name.

Despite these attempts to replicate OBC’s cutting edge formula, Industry insiders still recognise ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Franchising International as the world’s leading bootcamp fitness provider, as demonstrated when the producers of Biggest Loser Asia requested OBC’s founder Chief Brabon to fly to Malaysia to put their contestants through the most challenging workout of the season.

As part of our commitment to offering the most effective fitness program in Malaysia, OBC Bandar Utama/ Subang Jaya, and OBC Cyberjaya/ Bukit Jelutong both sent representatives to Sydney Australia to be educated, and further certified by OBC Australia’s highly regarded Master Trainer team.

As a result of this exclusive training, our very own Sergeant Dann returned to KL as Malaysia’s only Certified Level II Military Fitness Specialist. To further expand on his knowledge of Elite Military Training methods, Sergeant Dann also successfully completed the grueling HELL WEEK™ SpecOps program, under the strict tutelage of members of Australia’s elite Special Forces and Chief Brabon himself. As a result of his commitment, and determination, Sergeant Dann is now Malaysia’s foremost Military Fitness Specialist.

The ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP is a military inspired program because it is designed by former soldiers. Every trainers in Malaysia under the Chief's Original Bootcamp too must undergo special training conducted only by certified Master Trainer.

With the year ending... let us view what we have done this year and plan for a better year ahead. Let us not lose that passion that we have and make the best out of our passion.


P/s- Stay tune..... for the recruits & instructors new look!!
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