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The first battle between platoons that was held on 17 July 2011 saw many surprises. Spartans won the first battle but there were still 5 battles to win before winning the war. The next challenge was the Thruster Cadence!! Again, the whole 100 ++ recruit were divided into their respective rank namely Ranger, Seal and Delta. Each rank combines all recruits from Spartans, Highlander and Legends.

For the first battle: Plank-Hold, click HERE. CLICK on picture to enlarge.

"This is how you do the thrusters", explained Sarge (COBC) Dann!! There is only 1 rule!! My rule!! On my command, every recruit MUST FOLLOW my key One.. Two.. Three.. One.. and anyone that is either slower or faster than my cadence and especially those that compromise on the form, will be eliminated. The instructors were instructed to eliminate by tapping those slow/fast and without form.

The last man standing will win point for their platoon. There will be one point for each category Ranger, Seal and Delta!!!

Armin thinking: "Damn, I wish I can compete"..

SARGE DANN... "Recruits!!!!!!!!! 
on my command!!!!!!"

One by one of the recruits began to dropped out..


Our racer.. Nabil Jeffri

Rose Emini Pahamin, the score-recorder..... err scorer?

Captain were called for briefing.. and to announced the winner..

The second battle was won by:

Delta: Ethan Soh from The Legends

Seal: Tieng from the Legends

Rangers: Jun King from the Spartans



Next.... the TUG OF WAR!!! 
who is the strongest? 
who will win? 
which platoon leads? 

For now, from what it seemed, the Spartan & the Legends are neck to neck with each other. The highlander look somewat.. err.. quiet...?

Stay tuned.....!!

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