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The fifth challenge at the inaugural Battle of Platoon recently held on 17 July 2011 at the Pusat Komuniti, Damansara Heights was the Tyre Drag!!
Every platoon was requested  to divide their team into two teams of 10 pax for the tyre drag relay. The team must drag the tyre from one end to the other and carry the tyre back to the starting position and tap the other team to relay.

The Captains were brief of the rule and everybody were ready to rock and roll!! If there was an instant where a passion can be so emotional, it must be during this Battle of platoons!! To see everybody's struggling face and effort, was so... indescribable. See for your self.. I am never prouder at our recruits than to see that moments captured today.

The team Kapitan briefing their team members and select the best recruits for the event. Not all recruits were able to participate.

Those recruits that did not participate, became their team's cheer leaders!!!

Motivating team members is equally as important as the competing members themselves. When we are tired, those aspiring loud cheering voices can do wonders!!

The team members took position at the starting position...

...and the race began!!!!

and of course, I took position to capture those 'pia' faces and the unforgettable moment!!

 Damn this was picture was blur.. Otherwise JOHN CHUAH's pia picture will be a damn good cover page model!

CORPORAL (COBC) CHUN: "HELLO.. NO STALLING!! that Armin's trademark!!

*Cursing the tire.. Goddamn this tyre needs to go on 8 weeks challenge diet! so heavy!!!

Cheer leaders squad cheering for their team members!!!

Side by side.. the Legends and Highlander were leading... Spartans were a few laps behind but catching up fast..

The legends dropped their tyre!!! and the Highlander was leading!!

They WON!!!

Who Won???

The highlander!!!!

The Highlander was the first to reach 10 laps of tyre drag

Highlander is the Drag KING!!!

Well Done HIGHLANDER for winning the TYRE DRAG category (1 point)

Stay tune!!!

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