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Part 6 or the final episode of the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Battle of Platoons that was held at Pusat Komuniti, Damansara Heights was the 'Long Course Store Moves' or the Treasure hunt. This involved all the participating recruits under each platoon namely the Spartans, the Highlander and the Legends. Because the challenge requires the participation and cooperation of all recruits in each platoon, the points given for the winner was as high as 5 points!! The ultimate objective was 'team work' unlike the first 5 challenge that gave points for the strongest or fittest team members/group.

Each Captain had to draw and chose a map. No platoon was given the liberty to choose the route. There were three maps prepared with Map 1 being called the StarScream, Map 2, the Chopper and Map 3 Superman. Each map was assigned with a pair of instructor whom only had 2 main responsibilities!!! First, to ensure the safety of recruits on the road and Second, to PUNISH recruits if any RULES were broken. Starscream had Corporal (COBC) Nawal and Lance Corp (COBC) Letch as the observer & punisher, The Chopper had Corp (COBC) Tom and Lance Corp (COBC) Ody. The Superman had Corp (COBC) Chun & Lance Corp (COBC) Wan.

When the map was drawn, the Spartans had Corp (COBC) Nawal and Lance Corp (COBC) Letch. The Highlanders had Corp (COBC) Tom and Lance Corp (COBC) Ody. The Legends had Corp (COBC) Chun and Lance Corp (COBC) Wan.

The RULE of engagement was simple:

(1) Respect the neighbourhood by being silent. Any NOISE & TALKING will tantamount to 'whipping' err.. 30 second squat pulses per offence.

(2) Cars have the right of way. All recruits MUST at all time be closest to the Road Shoulder. The platoon will be punished if any recruit was seen flouting in the middle of the road.

(3) Team Work is very important!! NO TEAM MEMBER should be left behind... Any team-member that is farther than 3 Steps will receive another whipping.. err yes.. 30 second squat pulses per offense.

(4) All items collected MUST be off-the-ground at all time. Any items placed on the ground, will tantamount to yesss!! another whipping.. I mean 30 Second squat pulses per offense.

(5) Touch wrong equipment and yesss.. firmer ass with another 30 second squat pulses per offense.

(6) There are 52 items to be collected. Any items NOT collected, will attract another 30 seconds squat pulses per items.

#SCORING- Any equipments missing, lost and/or damage, a penalty of 30 seconds will be added per item.

INSTRUCTORS is only an observer to monitor safety, rules and punish the team to delay any team-in-breach as a handicap-in-time if rules are broken!! Instructors were prohibited from guiding the team, giving answers to riddle, pointing to items to be collected unless a nominal sum as rasuah is deposited to my personal account at my swiss bank account bluwek.

Scores will be calculated base on the time taken to complete the route according to the numbering of each of stations assigned in the map and correct items collected without any lost or damage item.

Once the Map was fairly drawn by the Kapitans and once the rules were communicated, the Kapitan and their team mates began studying the maps!!

Kapitan James Fong briefing his team members....

KAPITAN SHEIK IMRAN briefing his team members!!!

Armin & Rosey checking out the point system... dub dab dub dab dub dab... heart beating fast speculating which team will win!! Betting counter now opens...

After a moment of discussion, the team 
make their moves...

Someone from the legends even did side stepping while rushing to find bootcamp treasures...

When the hunt for items began, the Spartans sesat.. still searching for station 2 whilst Highlander and Legends were already on station 5 and 6 respectively.

The Highlanders were all within 3 steps apart at all time..

One of the items that recruit must find and collect...

INbetween those legs??? hah.. items off the ground at all time!!! tssk tssk caught on camera! :-)

Searching for clues..

SSssssshhhh.... respect the neighbourhood :-p

The first team to arrived...

The Spartans!!!

The second team that arrives!!!

The Highlanders!!!


A moment later, the LEGENDS arrived!!
The legends too, sesat and could not find the last 2 stations...

The Legends!!!
They pulling my legs? (see picture below)

He likes to pull his leg?

Instructors calculating the scoring!!!!

Scoring is based on various factors as follows:

a) FIVE Ground RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Rules being breached and/or broken will attract 30 seconds time-delay and squat pulses.

b) Total 52 ITEMS to be collected. Any items not collected, wrongly collected and/or broken will attract another 30 seconds per items

c) Overall organiser's judgment on discipline & team work being a military-inspire bootcamp. Kapitan & team and seniors & newbies relationship.. Being 1 year anniversary, seniors should know that Bootcamp is all about teamwork & relationship/friendship... inspiring and guiding each other. Instructors are only an observer. Everything is the mojo within.

The winner is..........



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