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Just last month, the Ministry of Youth & Sports successfully gathered 1 million Belia of different races at Putrajaya and this weekend, the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Consumerism and Co-operative organised the NATIONAL CO-OPERATIVE DAY 2011!! If there is one thing noticeable about our government, is their effort for public and business camaraderie ! I have never attended so many non-political gatherings than now except weddings!

The traffic to the NATIONAL CO-OPERATIVE DAY 2011 was smooth but Rose Emini Pahamin, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Aaraf Armin and me arrived 5 minutes late to participate in the DURIAN EATING COMPETITION!!!!! uWaaaaaaa........ I think I could have been crown the DURIAN EATING TAIKO if I were to compete!!

There were hundreds if not thousands of booths displaying all sort of local products to promote small enterprise. I had the best KEBABS!! AYAM GORENG KING from Kelantan, and various other delicacies.. seriously.... its all about food!!!

Aduh.. sedapnya kebab!!!

Beside food, there are local products being exhibit and sold..

We saw ADABI.. and could not resist taking photo at ADABI counter for Syed Mahadzir @ Ded.

After many rounds of food, I went to Booth 30 where a team of PROTON sales advisors were selling our NATIONAL CARS PROTON.

There were so many booths displaying varieties of ranges from food, cars, fruits, textiles etc....

We left Putrajaya with abit of discontent from not being able to compete in the Durian eating competition!!!

So after PUTRAJAYA National Cooperatve Day 2011....... I head to Damansara Uptown!!! to have another round of Musang King Durian but they were out of stock!!! smack my forehead!! Norihan Ayob's husband must have borong all i think?!! He was there slightly earlier than me.... aiseyman.. but I ordered the Udang Merah and 101!!! waaa............

They have the DURIAN BUFFET..... but no!!! I am for MUSANG KING!!!

MUSANG KING OUT OF STOCK!!! NORIHAN AYOB!! What have you done!? :-p
nevermind... I like UDANG MERAH too.....


 Now at home.... thinking of the Durian again.... Slap my forehead .. Aaaiiks.

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  1. I've never even tasted any of the foods on your blog! LOL

  2. Arsenette,

    Seriously.... YOU REALLY NEED TO COME TO MALAYSIA!!! hehehehee..

  3. Tehehehe I would love to travel but yeah.. that requires much of what I don't have.. money.. /cries

    I do have to find out how to try these things..

  4. Didnt knew that this event was actually across the building i had my sister's wedding on the same day! :)


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