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Two weeks in United States of America, a month in London and finally she touched down at KLIA on 11 July, her Birthday!! We secretly whispered to her personal driver to drive her straight from KLIA to Bangsar where all her gorgeous children (except Sista Docta Teratai Edithy & hubby Sharul Asari) were waiting to welcome her back and sing the Birthday song. Zainab Mohamad... Zainab Pahamin my mum!! ..... turned  63 years old today and Alhamdulillah she is still healthy to live her joy in travelling.

At 63 years old, what would be the most understanding and the kindest women wants in life? What is her biggest achievement? What is her dream? What does she wants that she has not achieved?

Zainab Mohamad dream came true when she successfully gather all her children (and in-laws) to live under the same roof and compound. To live together with her children, grand children and maybe one day, with her great grand children was once only real in Hindustan movie or Hollywood drama Dallas. To gather all her six children and their spouses under one roof was a challenge but to live harmoniously with each other is another god's gift. Such is the role of the Chief Executive of Pahamins family. She is very generous with her love and care. She endlessly pampers and mothers us all and have it her way, she would want to still cook for all her family members. Although all of us have grown up and she does not need to but she still does our weekly grocery shopping. oops.. shame on us.

Zainab Mohamad's biggest joy was to wait for every year's Ramadhan where all of us family members and close friends would perform the Terawih prayer together everyday after breaking fast at our house. Of course, we got a qualified Ustaz as Imam... I do not qualify. That is our routine every year. Ramadhan bring us family members and close friends closer. Her daily Doa and prayer was to see her children and grand children being successful in their own chosen field. Her prayer on her every birthday too was to see her children becoming a good muslim.  

On her birthday today, lets hear what her lovely husband and children has to say.

PAHAMIN A RAJAB,"Many Returns of the day. When I first saw and fall in love with you 53 years ago, I knew we will be blessed with a happy and successful life together. Come 23rd July this year, will be our 41st anniversary.We are blessed with 6 children with university education from England and a proud grandparent of 10 beautiful and handsome grand children. You have been a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother and I could never find a better person to marry. Inspite of my shortcomings and misdemeanor I have and will always love you and could not imagine life without you. Wish you a very happy birthday".

AZHAR SULAIMAN, " Ibu, you are ONE of the many reason I married your daughter, ... err.. baniaz!! sayo dok reti tulih panjang weh. Nanti tok original.. Cut and paste nanti kae .. hahahaa"...

CHEMPAKA EMALIN PAHAMIN, "I never knew how many times you walked into my room to check on me while I was sleeping - to brushed my hair while I was sleeping, or to kiss my cheek or tuck me in again, I will never know how many times you worried about me for my safety, hoped for my happiness, dreamed for my future. All I can do is remember what that love felt like... and tell you how much I love you in return. Happy Birthday".

ARMIN BANIAZ PAHAMIN, "I first saw that tears in your eye when you were disappointed in me with my teenage notoriety, I saw that tears again when the doctor diagnosed me with leukemia 20 years ago, I saw that tears too when you were in joy and happiness during my convocation and when Aaraf was born. I saw that sacrificed you made when I was sick. I felt that pain when you wanted to care more as you see me helpless in bed but you could not. I hear your cry in your prayer when I was half sedated in morphine during bone marrow transplant. I saw and felt that mother's love and only god knows and feel me when I say I love you ibu because I really do. Happy Birthday.

NAWAL AINI ZULKIFLI, "My dearest darling Ibu, Thank you for being a kind and the most loving mother. I am forever grateful for all the support that you have given to me. You are my role model. You inspire me to be the best mom and wife. Love you with all my heart!"

MELOR EDINA PAHAMIN, "Oh this is worst than taking exam!!... brother dear, can you make do without mine? me dont really like writing or can u write on my behalf? :p (no sista, you a lawyer, you write your own.. until then.. me shall wait lol :-p )

MOHAMAD RHIZA GHAZI, "Err.. bro, can this be in an affidavit form? If in SD form, I may have to migrate later" .... (Oh dear... Husband & Wife share the same syndrome)

TERATAI EDITHY PAHAMIN, "I had a happy upbringing, full of love and laughter. You (and Pak) didn't have much but you made the most of what you have. One recollection is every year you will make home made cakes cos eight birthday cakes a year will surely cost a lot. You've always encouraged me to do my best. Making you proud have always been one of my goal in life. I'm now a mother. I don't know how to bake a birthday cake. But, I hope one day my sons will look back and recall how I've tried to do my best with what I have. Thank you Ibu for shaping my life. I am who I am because of you. I hope I've made you proud. All my love...

SHAZRUL AZWAR ASARI, "Happy Birthday Ibu. Look forward to your thai green curry in Malaysia! :-) Hope you will always be blessed with good health. Love wawa.

ROSE EMINI PAHAMIN, To my beloved ibunda, Happy 63rd birthday ibunda, I'm lucky to have you in my life. No words would be enough for me to express what an awesome mummy I have :-p and well... on your birthday just look back and see Wow!! all my kids are all grown up except your baby daughter which means I'm forever young with her! lol. Love you lots and lots ~ baby daughter.

AMNAN BAZLI PAHAMIN, "Dear Ibu, I am grateful for your constant source of guidance and encouragement. Once too many, I have gone astray. Too many a time I have disappoint you. Once to many times, I forgot to show how much I really care but never once did I forget or stop loving you. I love you and happy birthday ibu.

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