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Ok... First, I'll do the 20 grunts for forgetting to announce the winning Reds in the last blog. Yes, the Reds (ie Chief's instructors in Malaysia) too went through the same phase of lifestyle transformation together with their recruits during the Eight Weeks to Wow challenge but since they were by default disqualified from competing for the RM15,000 grand prize, COBC ran our own challenge among the instructors and the four shortlisted for Finals are as follows:

There are 12 instructors at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia network with only 1 female instructor. At the Chief's Original Bootcamp Malaysia, we believe in preaching whatever is spoken and in walking the talk. Whatever that is being trained at the bootcamp, our instructors go through the same training and products. To unleashed our recruit's best physique, our instructors too unleashed theirs. Together, we walk in the corridors of hot bods & health.

There will only be 1 winner among the instructors and the winner will get a New Balance Voucher worth RM ehem ehem... 

Instructors that were voted into finals are....

(Click on Picture to enlarge)

CORPORAL (COBC) AMIR @ Khairulmuzzamir Mat Kasim

CORPORAL AZMIR @ Mohd Azmir Zanul Abdin

Lance Corporal James @ James Lee

Lance Corporal Jake @ Fakhrullah Ngah

Having deliberated again and again on those votes by COBC Owners, Admins and Instructors, we could not decide who shall be crowned the winner amongst the best. We then turned to the founder and Global Master Trainer Chief Brabon and gave him the last say.

Chief Brabon picked.......

Chief assessed those pictures above and his choice of winner was based on the best transformation pre and post challenge. From the picture above, Chief picked LANCE CORPORAL Renoma!!! eh.. I mean, Lance Corporal Jake.

Congratulation and well done Lance Corporal Jake. It was the toughest choice to make as all COBC instructors must always be at the top and once at the peak, we must maintain the same physique.

To Corporal Azmir, Corporal Amir and Lance Corporal James, honestly.. and sincerely, you all look simply truly amazingly stunning!! and awesome!! Keep up the great spirit and that hot bods. Recruits... see no touch ar!



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