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Well, it was not literally a nightmare but when the Chief's Original Bootcamp announced a Halloween as a workout theme for all platoons in Malaysia, we discovered there is the ugly side of everyone. Bandar Utama Alpha was the first platoon of the day that started the ball rolling with a few Pontianaks spotted at Bandar Utama Community Centre. In Subang Jaya USJ1 base camp, the resident had their nightmares when its neighbourhood experience the presence of an indescribable scene.

The platoon went on without their hardcore Marie How, Andy Wong, Fadzlie and Mee Leng whom were on vacation but rumor has it, Sylvia Quah became the mastermind who brought out the dark side of everyone. Even without being in Malaysia, Marie How send in 3 bootcamp-virgin recruits namely Everista, Tey Bee Ting and Lee Cindy to be slaughtered the platoon. I dont want to imagine their first day in hantu-theme but Iskandar was immediately excited... "Fresh Blood!!". Fadzlie whom was prepared to be a Freddy Kruger could not make it and Catherine Kok whom was all ready, could not decide what to be?!. All went well although some of the hantus were more adorable than scary.

The Red was even more scary then their usual self.

A workout at the Chief's Original Bootcamp has always been exciting, fun and most important while getting the result that you dream of. Stay Tuned for frightening pictures from other platoon!!!


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