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Just when we thought the 8 Weeks Challenge fever has ended and was a little disappointed that there is no local winners for each battalion, COBC again... came out with a big surprise. We always save the best for last. Yes, we are pleased to announced the local winner for Ampang, Bandar Utama, Cyberjaya, Damansara Heights, Subang Jaya and Penang below. The winners will receive RM1,000 worth of New Balance voucher and a month of bootcamp complimentary. 

There were a few factors that was considered in selecting the winner. Foremost is their effort, dedication & commitment to lose weight (according to their instructors) and their super spirit in motivating and preaching their result on facebook. Yes, we acknowledged the power of preaching and walking the talk. Result is certainly the best tools of influence and we want more people to walk in the corridors of head turning hot bods... and superb health. 

In the same spirit and in this season of 8 Weeks Challenge, COBC took a step further in getting all our instructors to walk their talk by participating in the challenge and we will be announcing too the winner among Chief's instructors in Malaysia.

On behalf of COBC team, we are pleased and proud to crown the following winner!! (click on picture to enlarge).

The gorgeous Ms COBC Ampang, Ms Sue Yin Chee

Mister Lean COBC Bandar Utama Goh Keng Siang

Mister Mean COBC Cyberjaya -  Mr Faizal Parman

Miss Super Mom COBC Damansara Heights -  Ngow Fei Fei

Miss Kapitan Subang Jaya - Ms Josephine Gan

Mister Hulk Penang - Mr Loh Kok Chun

Congratulation to all winners. Until next challenge... Stay Tuned.


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