What do you think will happen when the Chief's Original Bootcamp announced the workout theme to be a Halloween?!! Yes... it's true... all Hell breaks loose!! It does not matter whether it is a small platoon or a big one but the spirit of camaraderie brought out the err.. ugliest side of everyone. Everyone is so full of energy and needless to say... fun, exciting and creative!! Working out can never be more fun with these breed of bootcamp recruit.

Bandar Utama Dusk seemed to be the most dramatic. While there were a mixture of various hantu-mix from pontianaks to modern toyol, at BU Dusk, there seemed to be a family of the same breed of hantu!! and there were also some exciting pose ala theatre!!

Working out and training for better health, fitness and physique is not the only passion we all shared at the Chief's Original Bootcamp but camwhoring, dressing up and having fun is part and parcel that made COBC bootcamp the best community to be with.