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OBC-FEB 8/12: the GRINDER on Merbuk RUNWAY...


We arrived at Padang Merbuk to see the field lighted up akin of an airport runway. there were lights that formed a circle.  We can only wonder whats in store for our circuit today. The last session was tough and it gets tougher and tougher. There were fewer number of recruits at the field which is not a good sign......

For every AWOL, the platoon will be punished with 10 Grunts and this morning, we had 60 Grunts.... more like Ang Paw for the Chinese New Year from Kenny Smith, Kenix Lim, Kevin Tan, Farrah Vivien Raquet, Dinesh Nagalingam and Marcos Salama. I think we burn 0.5 calories with every grunts and in total those 6 AWOL had given us 30 calories burn. Wonderful....

We had a new circuit... we always get a new circuit on every session but today's circuit reiterated the pure meaning of Pain & Pleasure!! ... via the Grinder!! thats the name of today's circuit!! It is almost a similar circuit to the benchmark assessment but its tougher... as how Sarge would describe it, Benchmark on Steroid!!! The trainer transformed into a Grinder........ to grind us!!!  There were 2 grinders, Sarge Simran and Corporal Faizal Ariff.

After being lured into the impressive light-up circle ala airport runway, the 'Grindee' were divided into our respective ranks, the Delta, Seal and Rangers. The light-up circuit measures... approximately 200 meters per lap. There were 3 sets of circuit.

The first Set was for 10 minutes:
1) 3 laps around the runway,
then 16 repetitions of each exercises as follows:
2) Trusters;
3) Military Push-up
4) Military Sit-up
5) Monk Crunches
No (1) - (5) exercises above were repeated non-stop for the whole 10 minutes.

The Second Set was for 10 minutes non-stop:
1) 2 laps around the runway, 
then 16 repetitions of each exercises as follows:
2) Sumo Squat;
3) King Kong Push-up
4) Hands to Elbow
5) Jack Knife Abs
No (1) - (5) exercises above were repeated non-stop for the whole 10 minutes.

The third Set was was also for 10 minutes non-stop:
1) 1 lap around the runway, 
then 16 repetitions of each exercises as follows:
2) Lunges;
3) Diamond Push-up
4) Touches De Shoe Crunches
5) 45 degree lying down Leg-curl
No (1) - (5) exercises above were repeated non-stop for the whole 10 minutes.

Running on the runway was cool.... compared to running without any lighting and in total darkness.  My heart-rate maxed through out the circuit... although I hesitatingly slower my running pace to avoid risking my knee. However, when Corporal Faizal Ariff ran alongside with me, I followed his pace at a faster speed... I was incredibly breathless but I enjoyed that 110% maximum effort. The soonest I arrived at the exercise point, Sarge Simran, screamed "RECRUITS!!! STRAIGHT INTO THE WORKOUT!!!".... without wasting a single second, he then came along and did the exercises alongside most Grindees.

The biggest advantage of training with trainers is the 'Pacing' and 'Form'.... We can improve better when we train with the best........ !!! similarly, we can never improve if we pace with anyone weaker.

At the time of writing, I am still perspiring.. and damn hyper. No wonder Sarge Simran called it 'Benchmark on Steroid'.. I am still flying even now. Although painful, suffer and deadly........ I LOVE  the GRINDER circuit!! This is how I love my training..... Hardcore and deadly!! On a rating of 0-10 for best circuit with 0 being worst, I rate 10 for the Grinder & Maltese Cross and 10 for both Sarge Simran and Corporal Faizal Ariff..... Impeccable passion to train and bringing out the best in us.


p/s- burned a total of 680 calories today!!!

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Stay Tuned~


both, mystorymag
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