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Another 3 more sessions, we will be celebrating again another month of ACE, a damn discipline for consistency and commitment for better health and fitness....... only 3 more sessions!!! Suloshini Jahanath, Aisan Lim, I saw that determination in you.... although burned-out, exhausted, half dead but the spirit for improvement stood strong. Other ACErs seemed more energetic than me which drives my spirit stronger.

There were 8 AWOL from non-ACERS today... Kenny Smith, Shobha Bala, Dinesh Nagalingam, Kevin Tan, Scott Verret, Marcos Salama, Nirmala Devi, Yushziza Yusof.... and Two-Late-Comers were...... Danial Ismail and Wai-Yee...  but today being the customary friendly-friday 'Bring-A-Friend' day on every 3rd Friday of the Session, the penalty for AWOL was not so hard. We only had two 40 seconds squat pulses.... peanuts. Shobha Bala's second FFK was expected when opted out from FEB ACE (stick tongue out)... Danial Ismail...? probably working late till 6pm yesterday, over-slept and arrived late?

Today's circuit was a friendly insight into the training at the Bootcamp... There were approximately 60 pax of existing and newcomers. We had Four trainers in Red Tee shirt, Sarge Simran Latiff, Corporal Faizal Ariff, LC Stephanie Chok, LC Elin Klemetsen Fossum. The 60 pax was divided into 4 group, namely Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Zulu. Each group was parked under one trainer. Together with 15 others, I was in Alpha under LC Stephanie Chok.

Sarge Simran gave out the instruction for the "CIRCLE-CIRCUIT-RELAY" akba (also known by armin) the Thermometer Circuit!! I called thermometer for various reason but the most pronounced was due to the thermometer shape of the circuit. We gathered at the bottom ball-shape that was outlined with 6 red cones. The Top-end was marked with a yellow cone. there were approximately 3 recruits at each point. I was partnered together with Danil Dahlan and newbie Efny Johan.

When the circuit began, recruits on the first point had to run 50 meter to the yellow cone and back to the starting position while others at point 2 to 6 performed the following exercise:

Point 1: Run 50 meter
Point 2: Military push-up
Point 3: Squat with Mock Rifle stretched with both arm above the head.
Point 4: Military Sit-up
Point 5: Cross Country
Point 6: Squat Jump while hugging Sandra Baglog at chest level

The duration of time for exercises at Point 2-6 depends on the time taken for runners to completed the 50 meter run from point 1 to yellow cone and back to Point 1. Once the runners completed the run, everybody will move clockwise.. recruits at Point 1 to point 2, Point 2 to Point 3 etc etc... and those at point 6 will now became runners.  The whole circuit was repeated clockwise and no-break for 12 minutes before we were given only 1 minute water break!! and the exercises for second set is change to the followings:

Point 1: Run 50 meter
Point 2: Diamond push-up
Point 3: Shoulder press with Mock Rifle
Point 4: Jack knife Sit-up
Point 5: Grunts
Point 6: Kneeling & Standing while hugging Sandra Baglog.

On a similar clockwise repeated circuit for a duration of 12 minutes, we given another 1 minute water break before re-commencing again with a different exercises as follows:

Point 1: 100 meter run or 2 laps of 50 meter
Point 2: King Kong push-up
Point 3: Squat with Mock Rifle at shoulder length
Point 4: Planks
Point 5: Star Jump
Point 6: Squat and shoulder press Sandra Baglog.

Our session ended with 680 calories burn........... Suddenly everybody look thinner and skinnier!! especially newbie Danil Dahlan..The thermometer did not measure any boiling temperature but displayed a Cool friendly Session. Chun SSJ brought along his friend Anson whom struggled so bad doing the squats until he farted direct to Wai-Yee's face whom were doing the planks. I am sure its not funny at that time but we are having a good laugh now.

People........ its only the second month into the new year..
lets make this year a consistent year for fitness and health!! let us be consistent with our training for fitness.... lets get thin, slim, hot and rawks!!!


Stay Tune for February ACErs....

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  1. The last 2 sessions were quite manageable as compared with Monday session. Obviously, I wasn't doing it right, i.e. no concentration on techniques. Anyway, keep up the good work!

  2. Kay,
    my favourite was the maltese cross and the grinder.. but really, in exhaustion, we always compromise in form & technique which always lead to injuries.

    Thank you for your support... :-)

  3. Yeah ... maltese cross was fun. Fast and no time to rest. Unlike the 2 sessions after, I could take my sweet time running the loop. Hope OBC not turning me to a masochist. he he

  4. Kay,
    It has not? Thats a surprise... it converted me on the first month itself! :p

  5. funny how you mentioned anson coz we mentioned that too...poor guy but he didn't give up!

    as for being in delta ..... ;) i am beginning to think that you may have your way finally hahaha

  6. Whispers,
    You HAVE TO MAKE IT TO DELTA.. but you need to sleep & rest well!! Poor Anson but he farted @ Wai-yee's face.. hehehheheheee

  7. Armin,

    We were with LC Stef this morning, not LC Elin. You forgot ah? Maybe because our team was quite subdued this morning.

    Anyway, I love being a masochist, Kay! :D

    Masochist Ily (I'll never forgive myself for saying this!)

  8. Eeek...
    they both same size and lookalike.. i've ammended!! I hope Stef have not read this..

  9. oooooooooooo......careless muahahah


Stay Tuned~


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